Friday, March 5, 2010

Tummy Updates

When you wake up in the morning to find this waiting for you in your cupboard, you know it's going to be a good day. 

The star of the show, a near empty jar of White Chocolate Wonderful PB.  Thank you for giving me hope for a glorious Friday Mr. PB jar! 

I whipped up a quick batch of pumpkin oats, added a banana, some cranberries and a dab of pumpkin butter and the rest was history. 

Does anyone else get really excited when they get to the end of this?  Usually, I get really sad when my oatmeal bowls are nearing the end, but when I know there is a heavy layer of warm peanut butter in the last few bites, my sadness turns to joy. 

I actually got my dad hooked on OIAJ.  I had an empty jar of Jiff and since I don't eat Jiff, I thought I would let me experience the wonder.  He loved it!  I new he would obviously.  

After I savored quickly tried to enjoy this, I rushed off to my 7:45am doctor's appointment.  

The appointment was okay.  I told him how things were going, which to be honest, haven't been so wonderful.  He concluded that he feels I have extremely active IBS on top of the Ulcerative Colitis, which is why I have been having so much distress lately.  IBS is not new to me.  I actually battled with this a few years ago.  IBS is what stemmed an unfortunate cycle of problems in my past.  I defeated it all (or so I thought) but here I am, 5 years later, reliving the same nightmare.  The one thing that was my saving grace with IBS was a magical little pill call Immodium.  I asked the doctor if it would be okay for me to take this when I needed and he agreed that it might help.  Especially since my symptoms are so acute at the present time. 

Well, there's more.  He actually hopes that my symptoms are just IBS because apparently its nearly impossible to detect the symptoms of IBS and an active disease unless they "look."  He doesn't want to have to do another colonoscopy, but he said if my symptoms don't improve in 2 weeks, he wants to check again for more disease.  If that's the case, he would want to put me on high dosages of steroids and other scary drugs.  UGH, no bueno! 

So please pray that my symptoms improve.  I have to tell you, as soon as the appointment ended, I rushed over to the drug store and got the biggest badest bottle of Immodium I could find.  Popped one right away, and have been feeling good ever since.  Seriously, this is probably the best I have felt in weeks.  Immodium, please be my life saver again! 

I was actually really hungry for lunch today.  Love that my hunger is coming back!  Toly was working from home today, so I swung by Subway and picked up lunch to bring home. 

Have you tried Subway's new flatbreads?  They are awesome!  Soft, chewy and delicious.  Especially when you add your own hummus.  Note to Subway- please add hummus to your menu.  If you are going to offer a delicious pita, it's kind of pointless to not have hummus to accompany it.  Duh! 

Veggies Galore with extra pickles of course! 

Pretzel snaps, grapes and cara orange split 

Totally loved this lunch.  What I loved even more is that I actually was able to digest it peacefully.  Immodium?  Digestive Enzymes?  Something must be working, right?

I went back to work and got everything that I needed to do done.  Good way to start the weekend. 

When I came home, this huge box was waiting for me…..

Can not wait to test this baby out!  Review to come soon! 

Since it's practically spring here in PA, meaning above freezing, I thought it would be nice to get outside and some fresh air after work. 

I ended up walking Sammy for a good 45 minutes and then came back to a delightful 30 min Yoga sculpt.  Wow, what a refreshing way to end the week.  

Dinner was next on my mind.  

I have no idea where this craving suddenly came from but suddenly, like a 12 year old boy, I wanted a big bowl of mac and cheese.  The kind from the box.  I'm not even that crazy for mac and cheese.  Not being a huge pasta fan and cheese doesn't really do anything for me unless its goat cheese, it just never really had a huge effect for me.  But tonight, it's all I wanted. 

Okay, so maybe it was more like all I wanted was a huge bowl of roasted veggies with a side of mac and cheese.  

Roasted Broccoli, Brussles, Mushrooms and Annies Mac and Cheese over spinach with goat cheese, honey mustard and hot sauce 

Man I sure do love my condiments.  This dinner was especially tasty and the Annie's Mac and Cheese is probably some of the best boxed mac I have ever had.  Love! 

I am very excited to sleep in tomorrow.  Jen is coming over for an oatmeal breakfast and then we are going to take a Body Pump Class afterwards.  Can't wait! 

Have a good evening guys! 

Today's RAOK
It was my co-worker's birthday today, so after my appointment, I ran to the store to get her some flowers.  Nothing spectacular, but I think she was totally blown away by this.  No one even remembered it was her birthday so just the fact that someone remembered to do something a little special for her made her entire day.  Love making people smile! :)  



  1. Business first - I am praying that you do not need more medication/steroids. I hope that you find relief with immodium and that things start to turn around for you. I'm so sorry to hear about all of these digestive issues :(

    OIAJ is something I have yet to try but I'm excited for! My mom loves Subway's flatbreads! I also haven't had those maybe sometime soon though! LOVE the dinner! Have fun testing out your new blender. FINALLY (this is a long comment haha) your random act of kindness made me smile - you probably made your co-worker's day with the flowers. Have a great evening!

  2. Getting to the bottom of a jar of PB is just heaven. I had some cereal in a jar just a little while ago! Delish :) I love that you got extra pickles on your Subway!

  3. I'm REALLY hoping that this is just a rough IBS patch for you and that it'll start passing or healing or whatever it does soon!!! Have a great night sweetie!

  4. I agree that OIAJ is the best breakfast ever!! I actually had it this morning too!!

    I will definitely continue to pray for you girl! Hope you have a fabulous and sunny weekend!! Enjoy Body Pump tomorrow!

  5. i did NOT know about subway's new breads! exciting....