Wednesday, March 17, 2010

These Roids are Giving me Superpowers!

Wow, I feel on top of the world!  I am going to safely assume that all of this unusual energy and sudden burst of feeling as though I could fly and lift skyscrapers is mostly attributed to the heavy dosages of steroids I am taking daily, but I can't say I am questioning it all that much.  So long as they are making me feel better is all that matters at this point, and my goodness, they seem to be doing the trick. 

Another side effect of taking 60 mg of roids a day, they turn you into one HUNGRY BEAST!  Holy cow guys, I am always hungry.  Like, chewing my arm off hungry.  Guess it doesn't help that I am hardly eating any whole grains or fiber to keep my appetite at bay, but it's much better than the liquid diet of antibiotics and sodium water I was on all last week. Real food is amazing when you are deprived from it for so long. 

Since I realize that my body will probably be enduring a few changes over the next month, I have also made a wise and healthy decision to put the scale away for the time being.  Not to say that I feel I am going to blow up or starting gaining uncontrollable amounts of unwanted weight, but I do realize that this side effect is very common with the drugs I am taking.  Honestly, gaining weight really doesn't scare me that much and I actually am at a point where my body needs to gain weight, (I'm still considered "underweight") but I just don't want to risk adding any unwanted stress by the numbers on the scale I can't control.  Right now, my priorities lie in getting my body healthy, whether that means gaining a few pounds or what have you, I trust that the doctors know what they are doing.  They will be monitoring my weight and vitals and so long as I am healthy, that is all that matters to me right now.  

I also know that its only a month that I am on the steroids, and I still plan on living a very healthy and active life.  Things will be just fine, I am certain.  :) 

Okay, enough of that rant, now more of today….

Today, I went back to work and it felt wonderful to get back into my real life.  

I started the day bright and early with a lovely breakfast of Honey Nut Chex, 1/2 a banana, almond milk and a piece of toast with cottage cheese. 

Oh and I may have snuck in a few Oatmeal Squares.  Just a few though, I'm trying to sloooowwly add some fiber back into my life, but nothing too crazy just yet. 

Breakfast was good, but I was ready for more food 3 hours later.  A handful of goldfish was consumed somewhere mid morning which did the trick until my 12pm lunch time. 

I really couldn't hold out much longer and rushed home to create the most appetizing lunch I could think of….

English Muffin (1/2 with PB and Jam, 1/2 with PB and Banana) Pretzels with mustard and pickles.

As you can see, my plates are slightly taking more and more color each day.  Oh my how I do miss my raw veggies and salads though.  Soon enough, soon enough! 

Work went by so fast, that I didn't even realize the day was over when I happened to glance at the clock at 4:15pm.  I actually got so much accomplished and managed to work my way through my 42 voice mails and 200 emails.  Being out for a week really throws you for a loop, but luckily, I was crazy productive today. 

When I got home, all I wanted to do was run around like a mad woman (I'm telling you, these drugs will make you do crazy crazy things) but instead, I decided to unleash some of my energy with my good old ET.  30 min of elliptical followed by 10 min of Core strength and 10 min of Triceps/Bicep work did the trick. 

Immediately after, I wanted to raid the fridge (no surprise here) but instead, I started on dinner.  Thankfully, we have so many prepared meals from my dad, that dinner was going to be ready in no time. 

I heated up a piece of quiche that my dad made me the other day.  This was an awesome quiche.  It had egg whites, canned asparagus and mushrooms, tofu sour cream, and a little red pepper.  He made this totally to fit my dietary needs and even was so sweet to include some soft veggies for me to digest.  Oh how I love quiche.  It was one of my top favorite foods growing up and I use to consume it by the pan.  I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snacks.  Mmmm, nothing reminds me more of home than this dish. 

I also may have snuck in a few more veggies with a few pieces of chopped tomato (seeded) and avocado. 

Other ways I've been sneaking in more veggies…..

My dad also made me mashed rutabaga.  Oh my gosh, this stuff is amazing!  Considering the entire batch he gave me is now gone in only 2 days, you can see how much I hated it.  And look, what are those little things that got on my plate?  Hmmmm, how did you get there you heavenly little roasted brussle sprouts?  They must have jumped right on when I wasn't looking.  Sneaky sneaky little devils! :)

Oh boy, but were they ever delicious! 

My plate was devoured in less than 20 min.  

As was Toly's.  

I made him one of the most enticing Egg Sammies I have ever created and also heated up some leftover Mac and Cheese. 

We were both licking our plates tonight. 

Now I hope I can finally relax.  It felt so good to have my energy and life back today, but I am hoping that I can unwind here soon.  I'm already starting to get a bit snacky again, so that should help. :) 

Hope you all enjoyed your day! :) See you tomorrow! 



  1. ah! SOoooooooo glad to hear you're feeling better! I think it is fabulous that you are putting away the scale and just listening to your body. Do you love yellow mustard too? I can't get enough of it lately :) Great dinner. Rutabaga is super tasty- I've never had it mashed. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  2. I'm so glad you're doing better! I remember when I was on steroids for a skin rash I felt like I could lift ANYTHING!!!!

  3. how interesting! i guess there's a reason why steroids have the rep they have!

  4. If ya keep on taking those 'roids, you might look like you belong on the Jersey Shore!

    Haha, only joking lady- I'm so glad you feel better and have energy again!!!

  5. Hi Lauren! I just found your blog. The design and you are gorgeous! ;)

    I had to read up on your older posts to know what is going on! I am so sorry this happened to you! I am glad you are on your road to recovery. Stomach problems are terrible. :(

    Hope you feel 100% soon!

  6. YAy, I'm glad those are helping! by the way, I don't know why, but it took a good 20 mins for this page to upload, and then another 15 minutes for this comment page to there something wrong with your blog or is it my computer?

    I think putting away the scales for now is a great idea. Focus on your health and overall well-being. From my pov, you can even stand to gain at least 10 lbs, and to tell you the truth, it seriously is NOT easy to gain weight. So fuel up and nourish your body! :-)

  7. so glad to hear you are starting to feel better!! :)

  8. hahaha.. the case of the sneaky veggies, i love it! glad you are feeling better, i can tell just by the words in your post. love it! and glad you have an appetite. also so glad you decided to put away the scale. you are so smart! and i love you!

  9. Oh I love quiche too! So so tasty and a great way to get in some veggies. :D Glad to see that you were able to sneak some other veggies in too!