Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful 5k Kind Of Day

Another beautiful day!  

I had one of the best night's sleep last night and actually didn't wake up until 7am!  Awesome! 

Around 8am, I headed over to Jen's to pick her up for our pre-race breakfast. 

We were both feeling very excited to be running in the Vikki's Kid's 5K on City Island today.  The weather was perfect, we were both feeling fantastic, and were even more pumped to spend an hour fueling over our infamous pre race breakfast.  We hit up a local Bagel Shop down the street for a Multigrain Bagel and then walked down to the coffee shop so we could split a smoothie. 

Never Fail Pre Race Food- 1/2 Multigrain Bagel with Almond Butter and 1/2 mashed banana, with a strawberry, pineapple, banana smoothie

Of course, I came equipped with some handy Justin's Almond Butter stashed in my purse.  Because who doesn't keep packets of almond butter on them at all times?  Right?

We took our time and chatted for an hour so that we could digest and then headed over to City Island to get ready. 

Here we are getting pumped up before the start.

Right before the race, we spotted Jen's husband, her 2 kids, and her parents.  They came to cheer us on and wish us good luck. 

The race went well!  I had been contemplating whether or not I would be running it, because of all of the medical drama in the recent weeks, but since I've been feeling so much better, I told myself I would just play it by ear.  Today, I felt fantastic, but I still did not want to push it.  I took it extremely easy and just had fun. 

I think I finished 28:48, which is definitely my worst 5k time, but like I said, this one was totally just for fun.  I was just so grateful to be running again! 

Jen did amazing!  She is such a superstar runner.  This chic averages a 6 min mile and could probably go faster if her treadmill allowed.  Jen finished 2nd in our age group with a time of 21:(something). Go Jen!

Such a great way to start a Sunday morning! 

After the race, I ran to the grocery store and made my way home.  I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and doing things around the house. 

My appetite has been so off the wall lately.  One day, I am out of this world hungry and the next, I am just not hungry at all!!!  Today, I just could never really get my appetite.  All of this medicine does really odd things to my body, but hopefully it's all balancing out. 

I just kind of snacked all day on random things and wasn't really hungry for anything in particular for dinner.  

Finally, I decided a big grilled veggie salad and sweet potato fries sounded good.  

This was an excellent choice!  Grilled Asparagus and Zucchini on top of a bed of romaine with avocado, bruchetta, feta, and capers in balsamic. 

And one of the world's best foods- Grilled Sweet Potatoes! 

As much as I thought I wasn't going to be able to finish this, I did.  It was so good and definitely hit the spot.  

Time to relax now.  I've been feeling quite exhausted today.  So weird, one day, I'm the energizer bunny and the next day, all I want to do is sleep.  Like I said, I blame all of these tendencies on the copious amounts of drugs this little body is soaking up.  Oh well, at least I feel better! :) 

Hope you all had a good one! :) 



  1. glad you had a good race and a good day! my appetite has been weird lately too. just honor your hunger!

  2. Weird about your appetite, but im sure it'll be back to normal soon! It looks like you're eating well though! Congrats on the race my dear!

  3. ah! Congrats for finishing up the race today! That is INCREDIBLE- given whats been going on with your body! You rock. Such a yummy din din too. Those sweet potatoes look out of this world. I am just so glad you are feeling better. <3 ya

  4. Great job on the race darling. I think your take it easy pace is the same as my go for it pace :) But I've never run a 5k race so I can't say for sure. I didn't know treadmills didn't go faster than 6 min./mile. I never venture that far/fast :)

  5. aw, you're so cute. i am so glad that we were able to finally run together and i cant' wait for more to come. you did awesome - i'm so proud of you for doing it!

  6. So glad you had a good race and got to spend time with a friend! I hope you have a wonderful start to your week tomorrow!!

  7. so glad you were able to race & take it easy- that is awesome!! great eats too :)

  8. so awesome that you were able to do this despite your health issues lately! you're my hero!!

  9. Hooray! Congrats girlie! :D And um, totally jealous of those crab legs you had the other day!

  10. you go girl! to run a 5k after everything you've been through is a major accomplish! and of course, it's NEVER wrong to have some justin's hanging around for good measure :)