Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who Is This Girl?

Look at me, posting twice in one day!  I'm fully convinced that if I quit my job and stayed home all day, I could quite possibly become a full time blogger. 

As much as I would enjoy that, I can't stay that my hobby would suffice as a reliable source of income.  Oh well, a girl can dream! 

I spent 90% of my day lying on the couch.  I really did think about moving a few times (it is extremely hard for me to sit still for more than 20 min).  I thought, perhaps some refreshing yoga would make me feel better?  But after standing, I quickly realized that I would not be able to hold myself up for long, let alone try to practice balancing with yoga. I have a feeling my downward dog would end up more like a dead cow (pretty much the equivalent of how I feel). 

I had to convince myself that doing absolutely nothing was exactly what my body needed. 

What else does my body need when I am sick….food apparently, and lots of it.

My appetite has been off the wall for the past few days.  I'm not really sure why because you would assume that one would loose this function during illness; however, quite the contrary has occurred.  I am STARVING all the time.  And it's not just like I'm bored and want to eat kind of hungry, it's the legitimate stomach grumbling hungry.  Weird. But I'll roll with it because the body knows what it wants…amen?

This body has been craving carbs, but I know in that sensible little head of mine that protein would be the better choice since lately I've been downing bowls of cereal like its my job.

Lunch was tuna salad on top of a bigger salad.  The tuna came out a tad watery.  I blame this on the spinach I added which was not fully drained before adding. I always make my own tuna salad because one. I HATE mayo with an utter passion and two. I usually only crave it on a blue moon. 

My tuna salad recipe is a winner though….(No measuring required)

  • 1 can chunk lite white albacore tuna
  • Handful of chopped baby spinach
  • Balsamic 
  • Dijon
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Capers
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Lemon Juice
Served on top of a large salad filled with various veggies, a few Rosemary Triscuts (totally forgot I had these and I really can't remember why because I usually don't buy processed snacks but I was happy at the time because they were tasty) and a side of cantaloupe with a touch of blueberry yogurt. 


I'm surprised this held me over considering my ravishing stomach.  Oh wait. I did inhale an orange an hour later.  Wow, did that ever taste good.  Something about Vitamin C when you are sick is just glorious. 

Okay, then I was content for a few hours.  But, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy to start on dinner. 

When I am sick, I crave comfort foods.  Anyone else? 

Veggie Burger with BBQ sauce and honey mustard, sprouts and pickles.  Roasted Squash and Broccoli

And just so you can all see that I do get credit for being a considerate wife and serving my husband red meat from time to time….

A REAL beef burger with turkey bacon and cheese.  Although, I do seem to overcook red meat.  I guess when you are not use to cooking something, it's easy to screw it up.  Like eggs, I'm the worst egg maker, but Toly on the other hand, is the egg pro!  Hmmm, maybe he should start to cook his own meat?!?!

Well, I'm hoping I'm better by tomorrow.  I'm just going to play it by ear but hopefully, a day of rest was just what I needed. 

Night everyone! 



  1. Your "sick" eats look incredible! I usually have a big appetite when I'm sick too...maybe it's your body trying to repair itself with lots of nutrients? No idea, but it's always good to listen to what your body wants! That's funny about cooking meat. I can never get meat just right when I cook my BF dinner, either!

  2. listening to your body is so so important - glad you have been doing well with that. i don't really crave comfort foods when i'm sick for some reason, probably b/c my mom wouldn't give me any when i was a kid!!!

  3. So I just caught up on your posts! AMAZING EATS! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE pomegranate kefir :D I think it's one of my faves along with the peach flavor. I crave comfort foods during the winter/when I'm sick. I hope you feel better girlie! I'm sending positive energy your way. You should have Toly give you a get-well foot massage or something :D And Sammy can cuddle with you too. That sounds like a cure.

    XOXO my love

  4. I post constantly when I'm sick too. When you're home alone you need some sort of connection w/ people!
    I love your considerate "Man Meal" Toly!

  5. BLECH! I'm so sorry you're still feeling so sick! And how frustrating that you can't taste anything that you eat - I HATE that!

    On the brightside, I now have something to make using the plain greek yogurt I have in my fridge. Tuna salad is on the menu for next week! :D

    Hope you're feeling better today!

  6. Your comfort food looks perfect! I'm the same way when I'm sick - I'm hungry ALL THE TIME. Sorry you're feeling icky, m'dear. I hope you wake up today feeling like a million bucks :)

  7. Rest up, Lauren! I hope you are all energized tomorrow.
    And haha, I certainly wish I had the time to post 2 times a day....wouldn't it be great if we were paid (enough) to blog full-time!

  8. hey girl! I just came across your blog and I absolutely love it =)

    I'm sorry to hear that you're sick! I can totally relate to having a crazy appetite when I'm sick. When most people have "no appetite," I'm starving! But I think it's good that you're filling yourself up with *healthy* foods and not Ellio's pizza and twinkies :P

  9. Hope your feeling better! I'm the same way. I would LOVE to just blog full time because it's what I love/emjoy doing the most : )



  10. rest days like that are sometimes so needed- feel better though hun!! and you are a great wife- that dinner looks delicious :)

  11. I know it must be so frustrating to not feel well and not be able to do anything. But it looks like you are keeping good spirits, and at least you are eating well! Sometimes your body just needs a little rest.

  12. wouldnt full time blogging be the best?! too bad it is not all that lucrative.. sigh. i really hope you wake up feeling better, love! i always crave carbs when i am sick. what is with that??