Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to Have a Proper Girls Night

Before I disclose the above mentioned topic, I need to take a moment to share the most exciting surprise that was waiting for me on my doorstep yesterday afternoon. 

My Secret Valentine arrived from the beautiful and amazing Shelly of Finding Happiness and Health. How freaking cute is Shelly and her adorable care package filled with some fantastic goodies.  Lets see, heart shaped wheat cookies, green tea pink lemonade, carmel apple pie popcorn, a Raw Revolution bar, heart shaped soap, a cute bowl, and some homemade chocolate peanut butter.  I can not wait to dig into this stuff. I'm actually surprised I had enough self control not to rip into that bag of popcorn or have some peanut butter fingers right from the container; however, I managed to keep myself constrained because I had BIG plans for dinner.
Thank you Shelly for this fantastic package of love.  You are such a sweetheart! :)

Well, last night was a complete blast!  Jen and I have been anxiously in need of a girls night after we had to postpone a few times this month.  We do our best to schedule these at least once a month, but with busy schedules, two kids, and snow storms, it doesn't always happen as much as we wish.  Last night, however, it was GIRL TIME….no exceptions!

To begin, you must come dressed in the appropriate attire.  Sweat pants and comfy sweatshirts are a must.

And then, you must be equipped with the essentials…

Call me crazy, call me insane, but I was determined to bring Chipotle to this occasion, so the 2 1/2 hour trip across the river during rush hour on a Friday night didn't bother me in the least.  Jen had never had Chipotle and after hearing me one too many times rave about this mexican fare obsession of mine, she wanted to partake naturally.  Smart girl.  Chipotle is about a 20-25 min drive; however, as I mentioned, the entire trip took over 2 hours.  Traffic was CRAZY!!!!!  But, every bite of this…..

was so worth it.  Just look at that masterpiece.  Salad with beans, veggies, extra guac, tomato and corn salsa.  Calling this delicious would be offensive.

 Jen hated it though.

(***We usually have wine, but last night, it just wasn't an alcohol kind of night.  Gasp!! I know.  But I was already feeling quite dehydrated so water was the beverage of choice.)

Spend hours over dinner doing much need girl talk.  Sometimes, we kid ourselves into thinking that a movie would be a good idea, but I think this has actually happened a total of 2 times in 3 years.  We always end up talking well into the night and completely forget about the movie.

Last, and this is one important so pay attention….

ALwAYS, and I mean ALWAYS end with dessert!

Wegmans Carrot Cake rocks my world!!!!

I am so fortunate to have such a good friend to share these nights with.  I love our girls nights and after each one ends, we make sure we plan for the next one.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day as I am sure you are all aware, but Toly and I are celebrating today because he has to work tomorrow.  I'll be back with a full recap tomorrow.



  1. Girls nights are the best!!! I've been having them more often. There's something about being with your favorite girls that just gets you in the best mood and it's so much fun. And Shelley is such a sweetheart! That package looks amazing :D


  2. Secret Valentine is SO fun! I think we need to do it for every holiday!! The homemade chocolate peanut butter sounds amazzzing! Glad you two ladies had so much fun with your girls night. Chipotle rocks! I so wish we had one. Have fun with Toly tonight- cannot WAIT to read the recap

  3. That's a great care package from your secret valentine! She did great!! Love girl's nights! Glad y'all had fun! I hope you and Toly have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

  4. I love girls' nights! And wow - that cake looks amazing!

  5. That is one HUGE carrot cake!!!! Ahhh what I would give for a bite of that big guy!!!

    Awesome V-Day package!!! Have a great V-Day with Toly!!

  6. Can I come to your next girl's night??? Looks like a blast!!

  7. Loveee girls nights! Good food and comfy clothing are a definite must, I agree.

  8. Looove Chipotle! It's one of the most environmentally-friendly restaurants out there, plus it's way more than delicious. The cake looks great too! And Shelley's package is adorable, I agree :)

  9. Ah! looks like SO much fun! Pj's, mexican food and cake plus girl talks--I am down! mmm! Homemade chocolate peanut butter? You are one lucky lady! Happy V-Day! xoxo

  10. Haha love that pic of Jen with the ginormous burrito! So funny! :-)) Sounds like you guys had a very good day. I'm not a fan of Mexican food either though stomach doesn't take to the mix of flavors and beans well hehe I'm more of a Japanese and Peruvian food kinda girl. )

  11. I think you have a typo in there!!! Or maybe it was just sarcasm, but Jen certainly did not "hate" it - but LOVED every bite!
    It was a blast to chat over some great food - yeah for a successful girls night. Can't wait for the next one!

  12. aaw i'm so glad you love the package!!! seriously :) the girls night sounds so fun and i love chipotle!!