Tuesday, February 16, 2010

48 Hours Ago….

I feel like so much has occurred in the past 48 hours. I have lots to share with you so I'll just get right to it. 

Yesterday, I was fortunate to fall into the "federally appreciated" organizations and had the day off from work.  Never will complain over a free holiday, especially on a Monday. 

I woke up determined to get in my longest run in months.  I have been feeling better, thanks to the medication, and felt ambitious to tackle 7 miles. 

Happy to report, the run was excellent!  The 7 miles flew by and I didn't have any issues.  Thank goodness, I'm slowly getting back into the swing. 

I rewarded my success with a commendable bowl of oats….

Banana Cheese Cake Oats

I added a few Tbl of cottage cheese at the end but I'm still not sure how I feel about adding cottage cheese in my oats.  It definitely didn't compare to my favorite pumpkin, but I always feel that the texture is just slightly off when I add cottage cheese?  Am I using the wrong kind?  Too many curds?  Should I try whipped?  How do you all get your cheesecake like consistency?  I'm lost! 

Regardless, the oats were mighty tasty.  Especially when the toppings were added…

Blackberries, Graham Crackers, Almonds, and I promise you there was an ample spoonful of Almond Butter underneath there

After these digested a bit, I ran some errands and then proceeded to my next big and exciting event of the day. 

I met up with Erin from I Walk in This World for coffee.  Erin and her husband moved here a few months ago, and we have been determined to meet ever since.  We both finally had a free day to make this happen after months of trying to connect.  Erin is such a doll!  We had a blast chatting and getting to know each other over a delightful latte.  Unfortunately, we got so engulfed in our conversation that I completely forgot to take a picture.  Bad blogger, I know.  

After a wonderful morning visit with Erin, I braced the grocery store and eventually made my way home for lunch. 

Beautiful Salad Creation

With fries (acorn squash with ketchup) 

Some other things I've been up to these days….

I made a batch of Allie's Pumpkin Coconut Granola.  This stuff is CRAZY good! 

Especially when you eat it with Okios, Pumpkin and Cinnamon. 

New recipes I have been trying…

Baked Butternut Squash Risotto with Goat Cheese

Cranberry BBQ Slow Cooked Tempeh

I've also been on cloud nine from all of the wonderful friends I have.  

Dottie, from Foodcent's Blog sent me the sweetest care package.  We have been chatting for a few weeks now over similar tummy issues, and she was so kind to lend me some of her books that helped her when she was going through what I have been.  She also threw in a few extra goodies.  Chocolate and granola…the true way to my heart! :) 

Thank you Dottie! :) 

I also got this adorable Valentines Day card from my girl Emily at The Experimentarian. This card totally made me smile.  How sweet is Emily! :)  Love this girl. 

I have also been trying all sorts of new products.  This stuff really does excite me.  I guess that is how you know your a foodie! ;) 

Yogi Walnut Spice Crunch for Digestive Health

So anything with the words walnut and crunch in the title immediately lured me in, but the added bonus of helping to support a healthy digestive track was the real selling point.  I was sent a coupon for a free sample and out of all of the flavors, this is the one I was intrigued to try first. 

I mixed the Yogi with Flax Flakes, blueberries, dried cherries and vanilla soy milk.  Delicious!  This cereal rocks!!!  Sweet, crunchy, full of bold flavor…I am in love. 

Next, Amy's Bowls, Brown Rice Black Eyed Peas with Veggies

This was new to me, but I don't think it's necessarily a new product.  I really enjoyed my last Amy's Bowl, much like I have enjoyed every single Amy's product I have tired.  This one was just as good.  I loved the flavor of the Black Eyed Peas and the subtle sauce was an excellent touch.  My only complaint, which is my usual compliant when it comes to frozen entrees, is that a few more veggies wouldn't have hurt.  Maybe I am just veggie obsessed, but if I would have been at home, I definitely would have thrown in a few more broccoli crowns.  Just sayin'. 

Moving on to the next one…

Quorn Cranberry Goat Cheese "Chicken" Cutlet 

I usually shy away from the faux meats because I feel like if I wanted to eat chicken, I would just eat chicken; however, I have heard such good things about the Quorn products and was very impressed with  this one. It honestly tasted just like chicken.  No weird texture, no odd flavor.  It very tasty.  I don't usually opt for a frozen product as a main meal, but I always like to have them on hand for when you are in a pinch or just don't feel like cooking.  Great buy! 

I fancied the cutlet up by serving it over sauteed Kale and alongside roasted brussels with cranberries and goat cheese. 

A hearty and delicious meal in less than 20 min….I'll take it! 

As wonderful as things have been this week, I am sad to say that I have also picked up a nasty little sinus infection along the way.  Figures, just as I start to feel much better, my immune system knocks me down once again.  Le Sigh.  I will feel 100% again someday.  I will. 

Okay folks, wishing you all the best. 



  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed your day off=fabulous! Love that you had a blogger meet up! I'm hoping to do one soon with another Charleston blogger. Great product reviews- I really want to try that Amy's bowl- I love black eyed peas. The butternut squash risotto looks freaking amazing! Hope your week goes well!

  2. Fabulous looking eats, per usual!! Great job on the 7 miles girl!! That home made granola looks fab, I have been eying that recipe also!! I've been wondering about the cottage cheese in oats.. haven't tried it myself but the idea sounds good and bad all in one! Guess I will just have to try it out sometime! Have you tried mixing in some yogurt in your oats at the end of cooking? Gives them a really nice, creamy consistency!! I hope you get over your sinus infection soon!!

  3. I'm loving all the eats in this post! Bnut squash, tempeh, the granola and brussels...all amazing! Congrats on the great run :)

  4. What a sweet package from Dotti - I heart Chocolove. The risotto sounds out of this world, but maybe a little starch heavy - I heart goat cheese too =]

  5. 7 miles, girl that is awesome! Way to knock out that run!

    What kind of cottage cheese are you using? I use the small curd 2% cottage cheese and I add it in with the oats so it all cooks together. Larger curd I think might throw the texture off a bit. Whipped would be great too! But it's harder to find.

  6. YAY for a good run!! That's a sign that things are turning around :)

    Blogger meet up and blogger gifts - how fun! I am loving the product reviews. I agree that there needs to be more veggies in frozen foods. Is it that hard to add in more veggies?! That risotto sounds perfect!! Plus it looks amazing!

  7. Hope you feel better ASAP!!!! Glad you got to get your run on & meet the lovely Erin!!!

  8. loving all the bloggie mentions :) erin and emily both are amazing, so are you! i hate cottage cheese in ANYTHING sweet. much rather prefer greek yogs. off to read some more from you~ xo