Monday, January 25, 2010

What'cha Say!

Love that song!  Love it even more when it comes on during my morning commute so that I am able to crank up the jam and belt my little heart out.

Oh yes, it happens and I am sure I look ridiculous, but nothing makes my Monday mornings more enjoyable than a dance party in my car.

Other things that make my Monday Mornings delightful…..

Overnight Pumpkin Oats

I have decided to make Monday's an oatmeal day.  But since I really don't have the time to make or clean up stove top oats, I find that the method of doing overnight oats is just as pleasurable.  I have time on Sunday night to do the prep, and come Monday morning, all I do is pop it in the microwave and add the toppings.  Who wouldn't want this reason to start the work week?

Last night, I combined, 1/4 Cup Oat Bran, 1/4 Cup Pumpkin, 1/4 Cup Soy Milk, 2 TBL Vanilla Chobani, Cinnamon, flax, maca, and chia and frozen blueberries.

This morning I heated in the microwave for 2 min and added the following….

Two new products for me, both which I LOVED!  Any new flavor of The Peanut Butter & Co. is always a winner (I think I have every single jar of all of the flavors in my pantry at this point) and the Crofter's Superfruit Spread was something I have been so excited to try.

I also added more blueberries, dried apricots, and coconut.  This was a spectacular bowl!

Work was great today.  I had a wonderful meeting with my supervisor and she told me how impressed she was with my work.  Nothing like some good old affirmation to start my day.

I spent another day behind the desk getting some more deadlines accomplished.  Once lunch time hit, I was more than ready to avert my bum from the confines of my cube and high tail it home for a warm bowl of leftover stew.

Leftover White Bean Sweet Potato Stew with Greek Yogurt and Cholua 

Oh my goodness, was this ever good.  The stew was so thick and tasted even better than it did last night. I love a soup that requires you to chew.  I never feel quite satisfied with sipping a bowl of broth as an entire meal, but now this is something I could make a meal out of.

And I did, with the few additions of some carrots, grapes and a couple Food Should Taste Good Potato and Chive tortilla chips.

After work, Toly and I vowed to get down and dirty with another woman.  Haha, no no no, not like that you dirty little peeps.

We haven't done a Shred session in weeks, and it was time to rekindle a date with the master of Shred herself, Jillian Michaels.

It was rough, it was tough, but we managed through it.  Boy, after a few weeks off from this one, your body forgets how intense these 20 min of hell are.

Glad we did it, because after feeling like a bloated balloon for most of the day, a little cardio was exactly what I needed to help me deflate.

And then I was ready for more food.

On the menu were these little jems that I picked up on sale at the Health Food Store.

Now I am not a big fan of pasta unless it's stuffed with something.  Stuff it with tofu and veggies and I'd say that is about the most love for a pasta I am going to find.
Toly was of course, overjoyed to try these Soy Veggie Tofu Raviolis!!!!

Okay, I lie.  But he was excited to have his cheesey pasta with meatballs and covered in more melted cheese.


Now, I think we can all agree that my plate was much more vibrant.

Tofu Ravioli with Roasted Veggies in Basil Marina with Melted Goat Cheese

The Ravioli were fantastic!  If you have not tried these yet, I promise you, it's worth a try.  The roasted balsamic veggies were incredible and I loved the Trader Joe's Basil Marina Sauce. And I even had my version of a "vegetarian meatball" (ask Caitlin likes to call them) with some Brussels thrown into the veggie mix.

A big plate of veggies and tomato sauce is one of my favorite comfort meals.

Time to digest.

Hope your Monday was a good one!



  1. Ha, sometimes I wish my commute to work was longer so that I'd have time to listen to music! But I only live 5 minutes away.

    Happy Monday, Lauren :)

  2. those ravioli's look right up my alley!!! and i cracked open that same flavor of crofter's as soon as i got them...

  3. cheesy pasta with more cheese? Is this guy my cheesy twin? lol!
    And OMG...I'm listening to that music RIGHT NOW on Grooveshark~ What a coincidence, sing along with me everybody!!! :D

  4. hey girl! Sounds like you had a good one today :) Congrats on the good review from the supervisor, fitting in a great workout and an awesome looking dinner. As always, Love all your veggies!

  5. I have been scrolling through your blog and all of your eats look fabulous! I can't wait to go home to my kitchen for spring break and try some of them!:D

  6. mmm! All your meals look divine today! I had overnight oats myself this morning and I was like, "Dang, why haven't I had these for so long??" I have been dying to try the superfruit spreads. They all sound amazing. Have a wonderful day Lauren! xoxo

  7. YOU are too cute missy! I'm just imagining a dance party in your car--can I come?? :D

    Ooo and the stew--could you by any chance pass that recipe to me pretty pleeeease. It sounds sooo good. I feel like I've seen those soy pasta things before but I'm not sure where. I'll keep an eye out for it! I have that Crofter's spread and I haven't incorporated preserves into my oats in suuuuch a long time. I just jump on that hehehe. So glad that everything went well at work and that you and Toly have had some quality time with another woman LOLOL!


  8. so many good things in this post! first off i laughed at your down and dirty w/ another woman reference. you kill me. those overnight oats look SO good, i havent had a bowl of those in ages. also i agree.. i like soups you can CHEW. i need to make that recipe of yours. the raviolis sound like they would be delish. it is always nice to get props at work, which you obviously deserved, so that makes me happy. love you!

  9. 1. Whatchya Say = great song
    2. Your plate IS way more vibrant and yummy
    3. Goat cheese makes everything better

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  11. hahaha, i love seeing "his and hers" dinners. both look good to me, but i have to say, those veggies look fabulous!

    also, i think that is the most incredible bowl of oats i've seen this week. you know that's sayin' something :)