Friday, January 29, 2010

My "Strawberry"

Finally Friday!!!!  

It's been quite a long week, but it is now over and I can enjoy a relaxing weekend. 

The event I had yesterday for work went very well.  I feel pretty good about the interview and think I nailed it; however, you never really know how you will be portrayed until the press hits the stands.  We'll see, but overall, I was pleased. 

I started my morning with my new Friday ritual….yoga!

After running for 5 straight days, my muscles are pretty much shot by Friday.  I can't tell you how good it felt to stretch out my hamstrings.  I could have stayed in downward dog for hours; however, I had greater things waiting for me.

Such as this….

1/3 C Natures Path Pumpkin Raisin Crunch, 1/4 C PB Puffins, Pumpkin Yogurt (1/4 C Vanilla Chobani and 1/4 C canned pumpkin) 1 tsp Mighty Maple, Bannas Blueberries and Flax

Why are yogurt messes so good?  It's the perfect balance of carbs, protein, sugars, and fats and really couldn't be more satisfying.  

I had a nice surprise waiting for me at work today.  

My Blackberry arrived!!!  (Or "strawberry" as my one co-worker likes to call them) 

So in love with this machine.  I have using my OLD ghetto phone from 8th grade for months now.  I broke my last one and was waiting for my contract to run out before I was able to get a new one.  When my boss told me she ordered me a blackberry, I could have kissed her!  Apparently being a coordinator entitles you to some nice perks….a blackberry being one of them.  My life feels complete again with another form of organization and technology.  Perfect for my A-Type personality! 

Work flew by without a second thought.  I was busy all morning working playing with my new toy, writing more press releases, and visiting business partners. One was a new gym that opened right by my house and made a good connection with the owner. He gave me a free pass to come and check it out and offered me a good discounted monthly rate.  I think I am going to go check it out tomorrow.  I can't wait!

I was going to go to the gym tonight but I had a late meeting and ended up getting home a bit later than I had planned.  I also plan to try out the new gym tomorrow, so I skipped out tonight. 

After more playing with my blackberry, I eventually peeled myself away due to hunger.  

Dinner was incredible thanks to this little gem! 

Just got this cookbook after hearing rave reviews.  Since my diet these days tends to favor on the Vegan scale, I knew I needed this book in my collection.  

I skimmed through it last night and knew exactly what I wanted to make first. Plus, I had all of the ingredients on hand. 

Sweet and Sour Tempeh with Sweet Potatoes

I followed the recipe but subbed broccoli for the green pepper and added a bunch of Kale.  Topped it off with a blob of hummus and hot sauce.  (Because just about everything goes with hummus and hot sauce you know) 

This was awesome!  I loved the sauce and the tempeh almost tasted fried.  It rocked!  

And on a total whim, I even leaped outside of my comfort zone and did something I rarely do. 

I have heard SOOOOOOO much on the Vegan Supercharge Me Cookies and mainly out of pure curiosity over all of the hype, I decided to see what the rave was all about. 

Considering the baking process was fairly seamless and the recipe didn't call for any scary baking ingredients, I tackled this with my fingers crossed.  

So they look really good, but I have yet to try one.  They are still cooling but I will be taste testing in a little while.  I have high hopes but will not hold it against the cookie if I majorly screwed them up.  It's not the cookie's fault, trust me! This girl can just NOT bake!!! 

Okay, time to eat some cookies and catch up on private practice. 

Night loves! 


  1. I'm way too obsessed with my PinkBerry :) I made it pink with an adorable case! Feel free to add me on your BBM...

  2. COOL!! Now you don't need to pay big bucks for a phone before your contract is up right??

    I need that BOOK!!!

    Those cookies look great--I bet they taste great too. You're quite the baker :)

  3. My contract is up soon, too, so I'll be in the market for a new phone and can't decide between a Blackberry or a Droid. I'm glad to hear you like your "Strawberry"! Have a good weekend. :)

  4. hooray for new phones! haha really, you were using your 8th grade phone?! that is crazzzy old~ well, it would be older for me than for you but still! strawberry.. that is awesome. i love that :) dude EVERYONE is making the SCM cookies! i need to soon i think. they LOOK good~ i bet they taste good. maybe youve turned into a baker after all! xoxoxo

  5. Cute "strawberry" LOL

    Sweet and sour tempeh? I LOVE that idea! I'm not a vegan, but I should definitely get that cookbook. I tend to be a flexetarian. hehe :)


  6. Oh hurray for the cookies! You baked! I am so proud :) I can't wait to see how they turned out for you. I LOVE that cookbook, but I don't have one of my own. I borrowed it from the library and only had the chance to copy down a few recipes before I had to return it. Love you! xoxo

  7. Yours does look like a strawberry! :D

    Love the super charge me cookies, so yumms! I have no doubt you'll like 'em too!

  8. Glad to hear the interview went well! If they put it online- you MUST send me the link (or post it). Glad you got a new phone- great perk ;). I need to get that cook book- dinner looks incredible. Hope you have a great weekend

  9. I just had tempeh for the first time and really liked it -thank for the idea to bring it into our home!