Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grey Skies Clearing, Life is Good!

This has been one incredible week and it's only Tuesday.  Love when I can say that!

As many of you know through previous posts and my tweets, I started my new job on Monday as the Financial Education Coordinator of the company I have been working for for the past 6 years.  Aside, from being a tad nervous and a bit overwhelmed, my first few days have been nothing short of incredible!

I love it!  There is a definite world of difference between this position and my last, but also a world of opportunity, development, significance, and growth.  I really do feel quite important, as my first few minutes in the department, I was given my personal cell phone, business cards, and whisked away to meetings with the higher ups.  Quite professional, I know!

The best part about the job is that this is entirely MY program.  I report to a supervisor, but for the most part, I am my own boss.  I make the decisions, delegate my committee, and have complete control over the entire program.  Love that!  I feel so empowered and influential.

On top of loving my job this week, I have also been feeling much better.  So round 4 of antibiotics seem to be working with my body which is GREAT news because this was my very last option.  I still have not heard the results from all of my tests, but hopefully by the end of the week, I will know more.

Life is good.

Speaking of good......

Diced warmed pear with cinnamon, chunky applesauce, kashi autumn harvest, vanilla (coconut milk) yogurt, flax, pom seeds and a touch of granola

I made a lovely little discovery after putting this bowl together.

My jar of almond butter is dangerously close to being empty.  Normally, this would make me quite sad; however, I remembered the opportunity that a near empty jar of nut butter offers......
Oats in a jar are in my future and I can't wait!  I still have yet to attempt this legendary discovery.

I made a smashing salad for lunch that I was thrilled about on so many levels; however, around 10am, I was invited to a lunch meeting at The Hershey Pantry (my favorite place on earth) with one of the Executives and a few other people.  Naturally, I changed my plans and left the salad for tomorrow.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

After our lunch meeting, we all went to meet with the board of direction and CFO of a major school institution.  I am going to be working closely with this school to design and implement an entire Financial Education curriculum for their entire student body of 2000 students!  Crazy stuff.

We also have been planning a Grand Opening celebration for their centennial ceremony that I will need to speak at.  The press, politicians, CEO's and even the Governor will be at this event.  See, I told you, big things are brewing.

After a great day of work, I rushed home and had a killer workout with the hubz.  We tackled Level 2 of Shred and let me tell you, after taking a few weeks off from Jillian, we were both feeling the pain.  It was rough, but we pushed through it.

Dinner was a wonderful little mess of vegetables and random leftover ingredients.

I made a deconstructed vegetable lasagna that turned out exceedingly well!

First, I wilted baby spinach with some balsamic and then cooked a few the last of my Butternut Squash Ravioli and put them on top.


Next, I roasted an assortment of veggies (zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms and broccoli) for 10-15 min with evoo, salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary.  I added the roasted veggies to a hot skillet and pour marinara sauce over them.  Then, I mixed together (homemade) cottage cheese with pesto, capers and garlic and added this to the pan.


I put everything together and topped it with a little goat cheese.


I also took the advice from a reader, and lightly toasted a piece of beer bread and smothered some Sabra on top. 

Beautiful idea!  This was outrageously delicious! Thanks K! Girl knows her way around a piece of bread!

All together this was an enchanting meal.

This week is flying by!  I couldn't have asked for a better week to start the new year and I can only hope that it continues to get better.  After last month, I completely needed a good day or two.  Things are looking up and I am so grateful!

Night everyone!



  1. SO glad to hear that you're loving your job and feeling better. That is awesome And how good does that deconstructed vegetable lasagna look? I totally want to try something like this. Hope the week just keeps on getting better ;)

  2. Oh my gosh your job sounds like a dream!! I am so so so happy you are loving it!! Cell phone? Business cards? Lunch? You are a valuable employee :)

    I love the chunky sticky ab at the bottom of the jar--mmmm. That lasagna bowl looks so great especially with the ravioli surprise underneath. And you KNOW goat cheese is my favey!

  3. yay for a great week already!!!

  4. I am so glad you are having such a great week! Your new job sounds awesome! I am so happy for you! Keeping fingers crossed that these antibiotics continue to work!

    You definitely must try oats in a jar! It's fabulous!

  5. Hooray for feeling better + good opportunities at work! You make something so huge sound so easy. Must be all your good eats ;)

  6. i am so happy to hear that things are look up- i knew they would because you are such a positive person and deserve the best!! delicious eats- i haven't tried oats in a jar yet either, let me know how it is :)


  7. Yeah, that all looks amazing! Love your blog!

  8. i'm so happy to hear about the job!! That's so nice that things are going so well and it all sounds so exciting!

  9. Wow! Congrats on the job!! It sounds so professional - how exciting!

    Haha - thanks for the shout out! Hummus and carbs are just made for each other! That dinner looks so tasty, I love it. Can't wait until you try OIAJ because I haven't done it yet. Hope it's faaantastic :)

  10. That dinner looks like my kind of meal! Congrats on you new job! I'm so glad you are loving it!

  11. Hi there :) New reader here! Your new job sounds amazing! It's awesome to really love what you do :) Also, your meals look delish :)

  12. Your blog is beautiful! I just discovered it :)

    You know what's so great about oats in a jar? it just tastes like a LOT more almond butter...the best part! :)

  13. Um...did you say homemade cottage cheese? How did you do that??

  14. Mm you're dinner looks so good!!

  15. I am SO happy to hear the new job is going well.

    And girl, you def know your way around the kitchen, damn! Those eats look marvey!

  16. HEY GORGEY! sorry i have been absent from blog reading as of late. so busy. i just wanted to take the time to come say hola! and let you know that i think about you often and i appreciate every comment you leave me! you are so so sweet. so glad big things are happening on your end. it sounds like you are staying busy and eating great food all the while :) love that you said "after a GREAT day of work"~that is awesome, babe! i am eyeballing that goat cheese :) love you so so much!!

  17. What a fancy AND healthy breakfast. I would never have considered that combo of ingredients, but it looks really wonderful and filling too!

  18. I'm grinning from ear to ear, Lauren! SO happy happy happy happy HAPPY for you! AAHHH! Hee hee, it's so great to finally see things getting better and sweeter for you. Who else can boast of being her own boss? You're incredibly blessed, and hey, the best is not to come yet! :-)

  19. Yay..so amazing that you love your job! Ah...what lovely eats, I could never pick one and say that this is my favorite. Yum...Yum...Yum!

  20. yay so happy things are on the ups for you! especially health - wise!! :) so glad to hear it girlie!

  21. YAYYYYY so happy for you! The lightness and excitement of everything completely translates in this post and makes me so happy for you!

    Your eats are spectacular as always, and your shredding makes me remember I need to start my shredding! Lots of love xoxox