Sunday, December 27, 2009

Until Next Year

So who out there hates the day after Christmas?

When I was younger, I just to get so depressed that it was all over. I convinced my mom to let me keep my presents under the tree for the entire week, just so I would make myself feel better when I saw all of the unwrapped goods I scored.

Now, as I get older, I find myself more eager to get everything cleaned up and put away.

We spent the entire day yesterday, taking down the tree, putting away the presents, and cleaning the house from the endless pine needles that covered our floor.

Now, everything is back to the way it was and it just feels like the magic is gone. Until next year I suppose.

I woke up this morning earlier than I would have liked for a Sunday sleep in morning. Instead of trying to force sleep, I decided to tackle a nice hour workout; 40 min on my ET, followed by 20 min. of abs. It was invigorating.

I came downstairs, sipped on my first cup of coffee and caught up on emails until my sleeping hubby awoke an hour later.

By this time, breakfast was needed.

As I was reading blogs this morning, I stumbled on Allie's post on eating what you crave and felt totally connected to her because apparently, she and I had been craving the same thing....french toast!

I made Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin French Toast with Bananas Blackberries.

Incredibly delicious!

After breakfast, we laid around and digested and eventually moved forward on our day. Toly and I had some errands to run that included Best Buy, Target and an unplanned stop to look at a new housing development. (We've been just dabbing around with the idea of buying a new home and like to window shop)

After a few hours of shopping, I was ready to put something in my stomach by the time we got home.

I quickly put together a glorious Veggie Sammie on a Whole Wheat Honey Bagel (Gluten Free and Vegan that I picked up at the Health Food store). Hummus, spinach, onion, pickle, cucumber and avocado also went on this.

Also roasted some Kabocha which I think could quite possibly be one of my favorite things to ever grace this earth.

Lunch was grand and made me feel so much better. What also made me feel better was a few bites of this FANTASTIC "rice" cream I finally found!

Katharina, look girl, I found it!!!

Carrot Cake Rice Milk Ice Cream. I love that I am finding things to don't require me to sacrifice my true obsessions, like carrot cake and ice cream. Now a days, eliminating dairy is so much easier than it once was! Thank goodness!

**addendum (For those of you that just started reading, I have to start eliminating dairy for health reasons)

Since I was feeling so much better after lunch, I decided to take advantage of this sudden burst of energy and try out my new Christmas gifts.

I think my family got the hint for my little hobby of running.

New running clothes (LOVE them Mom!), new I-pod case and ear buds, new running gloves, and the best of all, my Garmin! (Totally obsessed with this baby!)

I did a leisurely 30 min run and had a blast using my new toys.

The rest of the day was spent doing little things around the house and some relaxing.

Dinner was a plethora of different tastes that all came together in one beautiful salad.

Roasted Beets, Brussels and Asparagus with cucumber, radish, pear and a crab cake on top of Romaine

After I took this picture, I proceeded to douse the salad in Dijon but did not realize just how spicy this particular mustard was. My nostrils were burning but it was so good that it didn't stop me from eating. I like a spicy mustard, but next time I think I will keep in mind the intensity before I nearly burn my sinus cavities. :)

Back to work tomorrow. But thankfully, another short week is ahead. This will also be my last week in my current position, which is kind of sad, but also exciting.

Enjoy your evening friends!


  1. katharina recommended that same ice cream to me, and it is on my shopping list next time i find it! glad you enjoyed - this makes me more confident than ever i will want to devour it all :)

    MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS! even though its over, which is sad, i am still sending you lots of love, and i am glad you enjoyed the season!

    i am obsessed with everything you ate today. i would like one of each please.

    love you girllllll!

  2. you legitimately have the best eats ever- i am so jealous of the squash & sandwich..and that salad looks amazing!! cook for me? :) haha jk

    have a great week!


  3. Okay your French toast totally blows my sickly looking one OUT OF THE H2O!!!!! I'll bake you treats and you can make me brekkie :) Deal? DEAL!

    I have a kabocha on the counter that I am about to slice in to ASAP.


  4. Carrot cake ice cream? Oh my goodness! Have you tried it yet?

  5. i still love to see all the presents under the tree. i get so sad when i have to bring them into my room. i just like the way a tree looks with presents.

    and carrot cake ice cream sounds to DIE FOR!

  6. YESSSSSS!!!! You found it :D Oh my gosh. Even my best friend who is weirded out by alternative foods (and usually doesn't give them a chance) tried it and she thought it was soooo good. For real - it is awesome. I'm glad that you are finding things that will ease the transition into dairy-free land :) I think it's great that they have these types of things because it's not fair to people who can't handle certain foods to miss out. Especially a sweetheart like you :)

    p.s. you really do need to come down here because a) the sunshine b) ME mwahaha and c) my mom intentionally procrastinates when it comes to taking the tree down.


  7. Haha we keep our unwrapped gifts under the tree for a week just because we're (okay, just me) too lazy to put them away.

    I love it when a meal is so spicy that my nostrils hurt. Perfect level of spiciness :)

    Woohoo for finding that ice cream! It sounds delish!!

  8. So the french toast and veggie sandwich look DELICIOUS!!! I totally made a similar sammie earlier this week :)