Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back at 2009

This has been quite a year. I am sure we can all agree that 2009 came and went in the blink of an eye.

Through all of the amazing adventures, trying experiences, and endearing moments, I can look back at this past year and truly count my blessings. I have gained, I have lost, and I have learned a tremendous amount about myself.

Most of all, I have been overwhelmed by the support and love of my family, friends and from all of you! The friendships that I have made and the people that I have encountered will forever make my heart full and my soul grateful.

So here is a look back at my 2009.....


We visited The Fingerlakes, NY for a weekend wine tasting trip with our good friends, Jen and Brian.


Sammy turned 3 and we had a traditional Birthday party to celebrate!

Mama P (my MIL) turned 55 and we commenced her big day with a Russian style celebration in Philly.


I turned 23 and we had a wonderful dinner/party with our closest friends at The Melting Pot.

And then we honored more birthdays (mine, Lena and Steve (sister in law and her hubby) in Baltimore.

Hubby and I went to California! We visited Disney Land for the first time.

Went hiking on and saw the entire West Coast.
Visited Laguna Beach and almost didn't come home because it was just so beautiful!
Emily (My BF's, Jen's baby) made the most remarkable entrance into this world.

Went to The Outerbanks with Steve and Lena

Honored the most wonderful man on Father's Day with a fantastic culinary experience by taking a cooking class.

Ran a few races with great friends.

Harrisburg Senators 5k

Got my wisdom teeth out and went through months of earth shattering HELL because of it...


My parents surprised us all with a new addition to their family, Benny!


We went to Philly to celebrate our One Year Anniversary!


Our nephew, Conner, turned 2!

My mom turned 50, and we headed to Baltimore for the day.
I ran my first 1/2 Marathon in 1:49 min.


I took Jen on her first Trader Joe's experience.


I ran the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving day with my brother in law. It was his first race!


I went through some scary medical experiences and had another surgery to correct some complications.
I had the BEST Christmas and got everything I ever wanted, including my Garmin!!!

I almost forgot, I received a major promotion at work and changed my career! (I start this Monday by the way!!!)

This has been a fundamental year and I only imagine that 2010 will present more opportunity, challenges, and unimaginable happiness. No matter the roads I have taken to lead me to this point, I can honestly admit that the journey has been remarkable.

I pray that you all are blessed beyond belief and wish everyone a truly safe, happy and fantastic New Year!

Happy New Year!



  1. Thank you, Lauren, for being such an amazing bloggy friend. I've had a fabulous time corresponding with you the last few months (can you believe we've only known each other a few months? Doesn't it feel like so much longer?!). I'm so grateful to have met you and I'm excited to get to know you even more in 2010 (and finally meet you in person!!!).

    Happy New Year, Lauren!!

  2. Hey Lauren! I hope you have a wonderful New Year full of health and happiness. And that your teeth/mouth problems finally cease! Major congrats on the work promo and new career! How exciting :) Happy new year, girl!

  3. this post is so happy & filled with great pictures!! your doggie is so cute :)


    happy new year!!!

  4. it's been quite a year, lauren. congrats on the job promotion! very exciting stuff.

  5. Hi beautiful Lauren!!!!!!!!

    so fun to read your recap!! I always say I will do these, but I get awfully lazy!! SO MUCH has happened in my life in one year!!! Moving to 3 different states, quiting skating, moving home, etc.etc. It is overwhelming to think back upon!!!

    The blogs are nice for that though, right?


  6. Wow, what a year! Looks like you had some fun adventures. That's a fast 1st half-marathon - way to go! You are so cute & TINY! Just curious if you struggle from an ED or if you are naturally itty bitty. Hope 2010 brings you much health & happiness!