Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Alive!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update that I made it out of surgery and I am now home and highly medicated.

The surgery itself was rather intense. You know that when you wake up surrounded by a few nurses and doctors that all look as though they witnessed something unlike they have ever seen, it's safe to assume that it was less than glamorous.

I actually woke up in so much pain, and the doctor told me that was to be expected based on the intensity of the procedure. There was a lot of cutting, draining, tearing, and they even had to cut from the outside of my cheek to get rid of some of the gross puss that had been living in my lymph noid for months. I'll stop there because the details are rather disgusting, but from this point, everything is being sent to labs to be processed and then once they determine what kind of infection it is, they can begin the treatment ASAP!

The doctor didn't sugar coat it, it's not going to be fun and I will be looking pretty ugly for awhile. He mentioned I may need to see a plastic surgeon and also an infectious disease doctor in a few weeks. Good thing Toly already vowed to stick with me through sickness health and deformity. ;)

I'm actually feeling okay at the moment. The Vicoden is GREAT!!! Wow, as soon as I got home and popped some pills, the pain decreased significantly. I have a feeling the pain meds will be used quite frequently. All of my natural healing beliefs just went out the window when I discovered just how painful this was going to be and how one little pill magically makes that pain go away. I'm not an advocate for relying on drugs, but there are some situations where you need to put aside your views and give in.

Okay, before I pass out from the 10 different meds I just swolled, I wanted to give you guys a recap of last night's PIG Out Party at our friend's house, Jen and Brian.

We had a BLAST! I have some of the best friends in the world and they truly went all out to ensure that I was fully prepared with all of my favorite foods to devourer before my mouth was unable to enjoy these things for awhile.

Here a peak at the AMAZING spread.....

We started off with appetizers...

Sushi (Obviously!)

Crab Dip (so awesome!!)
Wings (For the boys)

Salad (yes because salad is one of my favorite foods. Jen knows me so well. ;)

My plate of apps...
Savoring my sushi for the last time. ;(
Connor (their adorable son and one of the coolest 2 1/2 year olds I have ever met) partook in some sushi as well. This kid has quite the appreciation for good food already. That's my boy! :)
And for the main course, Jen prepared a BYOP Bar. (Build Your Own Pizza)
We LOVE doing make your own dinners with friends. Not only is it super fun, but it's such a great way interact with everyone and entirely entertaining.

The Toppings....
Toly working on his creation....

Mine was a unusual masterpiece of course. Lots of veggies, feta, hot sauce and olives on whole wheat Naan.

The boys made some masterpieces of their own. Lets just say there was copious amounts of buffalo sauce, cheese, bacon, more cheese, and chicken. They were so proud! ;)

While we enjoyed our apps, the pizza's baked.
A few minutes later, it was time to dig in. My pizza was delicious!

We let our stomachs settle for a little and eventually Jen pulled out the most fantastic dessert. I've mentioned to you before that she is probably one of the best bakers that I know. I am so fortunate to have a best friend who is a dessert queen, considering my love of sweets and inability to make them on my own.
She was so sweet to make one of my FAVORITE of hers. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream.
I am so mad that I completely forgot to take a picture of this because it's sooooo drool worthy, but basically this dessert is ONE BIG WARM chocolate chip cookie baked in a pie. It's incredible, especially a'la mode and with more chocolate sauce, which is exactly how she served it.
Heaven! :)

If this fantastic feast wasn't enough, Jen also put together this beautiful "recovery" basket for me full of my favorite things.

Tea, Chocolate Raspberry Truffles, Candles, Nail Polish, Bubble Bath, Runners World Mags, and a journal.
What an angel. :) This made my heart melt.
The entire night was glorious. We had so much fun and I felt so overjoyed being with our best friends. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends in our lives who go out of their way to make me feel so loved. :)
Thanks Jen and Brian, we love you guys!!!!

Okay, I'm drifting fast. Time to sleep drink a Green Monster and sleep!
Again, I can't stop thanking you for all of your AMAZING words, comments, and emails. I woke up this morning with over 30 messages from you guys and I started to cry at how blessed I felt. Love you guys!


  1. Yayyy! I'm so glad you posted :) Rest, rest, rest! I'm hoping your recovery is amazingly fast. Great feast last night (and much deserved).

  2. Glad to hear you are ok! I was sending you positive stuff you way this morning!

    What an amazing best friend you have!! That was so sweet. and dinner last night looked fantastic! (I may have to go get sushi now mmmm)

    Feel better soon,

  3. Oh lauren, hope you're feeling better soon! So glad to hear you made it out of surgery ok. Take it easy and take care of yourself! xoxo

  4. Hi lady!

    I'm so happy to hear from you! Keep taking those pills.

    I'm sure the plastic surgeon is just for some skin grafting you might need. I bet it's simple stuff!

    Please let me know if you need anything!

  5. I'm glad you updated! Take care of yourself girl and you will be better in no time. You have the best attitude about this whole situation and that is going to take you a long way during your recovery. :D Mind over matter! You got this!

  6. Glad the surgery went well. Rest up and relax :)

  7. I hope you have a speedy recovery!! Thanks for updating - gotta love drugs, right?! ;) Hang in there! The worst is over now, focus on taking it easy and healing!

  8. So glad to hear the surgery went all right, Lauren!! : ) That's for letting us know! And I agree with everyone else ... rest, rest and take it easy!!

  9. Glad to hear all went well!

    Be sure to get plenty of rest!

  10. i'm glad the surgery went smoothly and you're now in recovery mode! and i'm very happy to hear the pain killers are doing their job too....

  11. Oh sweetie, I'm glad you're out of the surgery safe. That reminded me of my rhinoplasty this summer--waking up was the WORST. It's kinda funny cause they had given me vicoden, which doesn't do ANYTHING for me. Seriously, motrin works better than vicoden for me, haha. Thankfully I got different meds that worked better, but I remember waking up without really anything was so awful.

    The sad thing is, I remember that was a little after your whole wisdom teeth thing started. It hurts to think that you've had to struggle with this for all that time! I really hope that they can finally get it cleared up soon :(

    I'm glad you're taking the painkillers and they're working! Get lots of rest sweetheart, and take it easy :) You'll be in my thoughts!

  12. i really hope you recover well & i'm so glad your surgery went alright!!
    omg that sushi looks amaaazing.. you have some great eats! rest, relax & heal :)


  13. I'm sending you get-well vibes, my dear! You seem to have a positive attitude about everything, which will help you to get through the recovery process. The basket full of goodies is sure to help as well!