Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Came Early

Santa was here this morning, and look at what he brought me!

Isn't she beautiful?!?!?! Toly surprised me this morning with my early Christmas present. Okay, to be fair, it's "our" present this year to each other. We've been contemplating this purchase for awhile and last weekend, he just decided to go ahead and give in.

It took me all of 2 minutes to fall in love with this machine. Wow, people were not kidding when they said there is just no comparing a Mac to a PC. For as much time and money that we invest into this one piece of technology, it's well worth the investment!
Hi, my name is Lauren and I want to marry my Mac!

After the excitement, I eventually put down my new baby and worked on breakfast. I was FINALLY super hungry for breakfast this morning. Ah, sweet relief from the morning sickness! (eh, for those of you who haven't been following, that wasn't a hint on early pregnancy, I've been awfully sick from the medication I've been taking)

Bobbi's Pom French Toast that she made yesterday caught my eye in the worst way! See girl, I told you I would be making it soon. ;)

I got to dine with my hubby today! He has off work every other Friday, so it was nice to sit at the table and eat a weekend style breakfast with him. Gossip Girl breaks were nice, but a little company was also appreciated.

After we finished our toast, we were greeted by a little house guest.

Benny is staying at El' Casa De Podolsky for the weekend while my parents celebrate their anniversary in Cape May. Benny says hello, mom!

I love that my appetite has returned. Honestly, nothing annoys me more than when I can't eat or enjoy eating. I was excited to eat lunch a few hours later.

Crack Wrap (hummus, spinach, jack cheese, pimentos)

Amy's Tomato Soup with Broccoli

Served with an apple that I shared with the hubz. (Who had a grilled cheese with pepperoni, his new favorite.)

After we ate, we bundled up and braved the below freezing temps to run a few errands.

The kids weren't very happy about being left alone all afternoon, but at least they had each other to keep each other company.

We hit up Walmart (aka HELL!). As if going to Walmart in peak Christmas season isn't bad enough, try throwing in the fact that the store decided to renovate the layout and changed absolutely EVERYTHING! It was terrifying.

We did our thing and then scooted off to our 3pm meeting with our travel agent. Our Europe trip is becoming more of a reality and I have a feeling, our bank account will start to feel the effects of this reality rather abruptly. Oh well, you only live one right?

After running around all afternoon, I was wiped (as usual) by late afternoon. We came home, hung out for awhile, and then I eventually started dinner.

As promised, here is the postponed BFD dinner from Wednesday night.

Egg Sammies and Home Fries

Egg whites with spinach avocado cranberry sauce and laughing cow on Cranberry English Muffin with Sweet Potato Home Fries

Toly had Bacon Egg and Cheese with Home Fries

Delightful as always! :)

Movie time. Tonight, it appears to be Sex in the City. Hubby hasn't seen it and it was on HBO. We were too lazy to look for anything else.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned!



  1. YAY!!! Macs are awesome!! I have the same one :) It was my graduation present/college necessity. We've been married for 3 years and still going strong. I will never go back to PCs. I am already eyeing a new one haha. Be careful with the hinges...I'm serious! Mine broke after a few months and it has been a bit frustrating but it's a physical thing so I'm not shelling out the dough to get it fixed. There are so many little tricks that took me forever to find out about. I will describe them to you one day :)

  2. hooray for your new toy!! that is so exciting. you are so right about only living once. and i am a firm believer in traveling is the best way you can spend your money. hands down! AHHH walmart DOES=hell!! i love your radiating positive, happy attitude that is bursting through in this post :) have a great night/weekend honey pie!

  3. What an exciting early Christmas present!! That POM French Toast looks amazing!! Glad you are feeling a bit better! Have a great weekend!

  4. AHHHHHHHH a new compy!! it is so pretty and shineyyyyyyy! yay Lauren!! you must be so excited!!

    and gurrrrrrrrrrl, i know I've said it before, but JU KNOW HOW TAH EAAAAAAT! That pom toast looks amazing!!!

    I've been having my own version of a crack wrap often!! mmm cheesy tortillas! i could eat them for every meal of the day!

  5. omg that is so exciting!! that is a new version of the mac too i think... that's awesome :)

    yummmm to the french toast


  6. congrats on your new mac! i looooove mine.

  7. Lauren! How dare you run around? you're supposed to lie down and rest and have other people run around for you! Haha.

    But YAY mac! I'm a Mac girl myself. I'm never returning to PC after my precious Mac....<3

  8. ah! Congrats on the new toy! I bet you're thrilled. SO cute to see the puppers hanging out together- love it. You ate some tasty meals today. You have me craving tomato soup big time right now :) (good thing I'm going food shopping today). And what a pretty breakfast. I am so with you on Walmart- I hate going to that place- ick! Enjoy your weekend

  9. Congrats on your new baby ;) I am awed that you braved Walmart... going to Target yesterday was as brave as I'm going to get with big stores and Christmas shopping.

  10. MacBook owners, unite!! :)

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend!!

  11. Woah, awesome awesome awesome gift!

    Lovely eats all around!

  12. Niceeeeee Christmas gift! I bet there's a lot of jealy bloggers out there!!!!

  13. Aww, what a great gift! I'm glad you love it :) Your eats look delish, especially that breakfast. Yum! Have a great weekend, girl!

  14. I'm a complete Mac convert. I love our MacBook! Have fun :)

    Your BFD meal sounds incredible. I've never thought to include cranberry with eggs, but I bet the combination tastes delicious!

    Enjoy your weekend, Lauren :).

  15. what great, comforting eats!!
    LOVE crack wraps.. i need more of those in my life
    and those dogs are adorable! have a great night girl!

  16. Wow lady, all the good things in this post! Mac book, Europe trip, BFD and your appetite back. Whoo hooo, awesome and congrats! Christmas really did come early for ya! xoxo