Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breakfast is an Art

Hey guys!

Well, we are in the home stretch with Christmas just 3 days away!!! Hopefully all of your shopping is done, the cookies are baked, and you can enjoy the next few days of holiday anticipation.

We have things pretty much wrapped up! Figuratively and literally. Haha! Just maybe one or two more things that Toly will need to pick up, but other than that, it's a done deal!

Before I go any further, I need to announce the winner of my little "Name That Christmas Tune" game.

Congrats to Niki at Niki's Neverending Adventure

She was the first to guess the correct answer to the question,

"What is the number one most requested Christmas song of all time?"

Answer: Oh Holy Night

Niki has left a new comment on your post "Name that Christmas Tune":

Great job on the run! I like bootcamp workouts a lot too! I think they are so fun!! As for the most requested Christmas Song, I'm going to say O Holy Night because that's my favorite!

Congrats Niki! Please email me your address and I will be sending you a little reward.

I started my Tuesday off with a wonderful breakfast of course.

Last night, Toly and I were talking about how he thinks I spend way more time needed to make my breakfasts. Here is an idea of how this conversation went.

  • Toly- "You put more time into making cereal than anyone I know."
  • Lauren- "Well, I want to make sure its perfect."
  • Toly- "I didn't know cereal could be perfect. It takes me about 30 seconds to pour milk over my Lucky Charms."
  • Lauren- "Well then you obviously have never had a bowl of my oatmeal because that is pretty much perfection in a bowl."

Yes, it's true, I spend around 20 minutes making breakfast every morning, but this is only because this time is very important to me. I like to start my day with something wonderful and I like to be relaxed. My idea of starting each day wolfing down a bowl of bran flakes while scrounging around like a mad woman is not my cup of tea. Cooking relaxes me and eating it is even more calming, so devoting an hour to breakfast every day is a priority.

Okay, now that I've rambled about that pointless tidbit, I will show you what I actually created that was so enjoyable.

Diced Red Pear with Cinnamon, Kashi Autumn Harvest, Natural Applesauce, just a tiny bit of yogurt (trying to ease myself out of this no dairy thing with baby steps), flax, Pom Seeds and a dusting of granola.
So warm, delicious and just about perfect and truly a work of art. See, such masterpieces take a few minutes to create.
Even though I wasn't even that hungry to begin with, I still managed to eat the entire bowl and felt so much better afterwards! I'm trying to get the hang of this stomach thing, but I am learning that I ALWAYS need to keep something in my stomach with all of these meds or else I feel awful.
I also realized I had ½ of a grapefruit in my fridge that probably needed to be consumed. Even though I could have done without, the thought of wasting a deliciously juicy grapefruit half was more upsetting than making myself uncomfortably full. So I did what I needed to do.

Work was nice today. The girls in my department took me out to lunch to celebrate my new job. We went to my favorite place, Café Magnolia and I am totally kicking myself because I forgot my camera. I even brought it to work but completely left it on my desk. Oh well, just imagine it was fantastic! I had the Portobello spinach and goat cheese wrap with a side salad. This never disappoints.

Toly was going to a work party for the evening so I was solo. I had a few things in my fridge that needed to be used so I decided to throw them all together into one dish. My favorite kind of cooking.

First I sautéed broccoli, garlic, red onion, and a basil pesto Chicken sausage. Then, I added a splash of balsamic and Dijon. I then heated up leftover spaghetti squash and tossed it with pesto and laid this on a bed of wilted spinach. I added artichokes and sun dried tomatoes to the veggies and put everything on top of the squash. A little feta and this dish was complete!

Perfect quick meal and totally hit the spot.

Now I am about to dig into a warm cozy blanket, make some tea, and indulge myself with a few episodes of Gossip Girl. What could be better? :)

Hope you had a lovely day!


  1. hahah men...they just don't understand :) I think your breakfast bowls always look like perfection. I had spaghetti squash for dinner last night- so so good. It really does taste just like regular spaghetti. Have a nice night

  2. hhhhhhhhhi lovely!!!!!! Now I want oatmeal for dinner after looking at your DELICIOUS photographs!! Kath would be proud of the gossip girl!! XOXOXOXOXOXO


  3. Why do your breakfasts always look so beautiful?? I'm jealous!

  4. You make the best breakfasts!! So excited I won!! Thanks girl :)

  5. Hahah I love your breakfast convo! I appreciate the 20 minutes you put into making your creations :)

    Your lunch wrap sounds yummy - how fun to go out for a lunch celebration!! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. I think I read your post while I was blow drying my hair because I totally commented in my head!!!

    You are so cute spending all that time on breakfast :) It really is an important meal espesh because I'm usually reading blog comments/emails from the night.

  7. i loved your conversation with toly re: cereal. i often "doctor up" abe's cereal and i don't think he notices the difference

  8. all of your meals are literally making me drool! & the wrap from cafe magnolia sounds amazing


  9. Ha! I always love cooking for myself too! No shame in the food styling. Looks good, tastes good! Oh Holy Night is actually my favorite Christmas song, too! Speaking of, Merry Christmas friend! love you! xoxo

  10. gahhhh o holy night! i should have known that!

    your breakfast bowl looks amazing, and i agree - i like taking time to make breakfast, sip my coffee and enjoy the morning before starting work. when i am running around like a mad lady, that transfers to my day and the crazy energy is not needed!

    lots of love to you girl - so glad i found your bloggie, and i wish you so much love, happiness and fun this Christmas.