Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baking with Mom

**DISCLAIMER: I am going to make a valid attempt at posting a semi-decent post, as I lay here half awake and mildly conscious. Forgive me if things start to get muddled, but you have been warned.

Well, another day down and I'm hanging in there. I'd like to think that I am getting better, but there really is no telling since I only seem to be functional in the medicated state. It's okay, I've totally come to terms with it.

T'was a rough night. I woke up again, but this time not from pain, it was due to a ridiculously awful feeling of nauseia. I thought I would be saying some prayers to the porcelain gods; but thankfully, the feeling passed and I fell back to sleep.

Things weren't much better when I did wake up but after about an hour, I decided to should try to eat something because I knew it would help.

All I could really settle on were oats. Banana Oats to be specific.

With Raspberries, Toasted Hazelnuts, Jam and a touch of Nutella.

There were oats under all that, I swear!
I actually felt so much better after I ate this. I have to keep something in my stomach all the time or else I get pretty sick. (Which is why I believe I keep waking up in the middle of the night wanting to vomit)
During breakfast, Sammy was looking rather photogenic and begged me to conduct a photo shoot.

I think Chipolte needs a mascot. The Taco Bell dog is getting pretty old, and Sammy is just about 1000 x more handsome. Wouldn't you agree?

Later, my mom came over. I somehow convinced her to bake me cookies (maybe it was my pathetic plea) but moms always seem to know how to take care of their sick children and never pass up the opportunity to play the maternal card. I love how that will never change!

As I mentioned yesterday, Holly's Pumpkin Molassess Cookies were haunting my mind for a few days.
I helped by pulling out all of the ingredients.....
And Mom did the work. Okay, I may have measured out a cup of four or two, but just like the old days, I was deemed the "official" spoon licker. A baking task that I am fully capable of.
Oh, and I did do the decorating. Making those cris-cross patterns took great detail and concentration mind you!

They looked great! But we all know, that means absolutely nothing when it comes to my baking.

Here we go......

Result: YUMM!!!! Yay for finally having something edible come out of my oven in the baked form.
I, of course, blame the success entirely on my mother. She is such a wonderful baker. Good thing because I've already put in my order for Christmas cookies and will anxiously await for my traditional tray of Mom's cookies.

Since she baked, I cooked. (Love this trade off)
I made us her favorite lunch. Tuna Salad.
I really like Tuna Salad but I HATE mayo with all my might, so I never really order it out and I often forget to make it. I also don't ever follow a recipe (when do I ever follow a recipe though) just throw whatever sounds good into the bowl and it almost always comes out fantastic.
The mix today was PERFECT however, so I will write this one down and share.
Lauren's Tuna Salad
First I started by chopping about 2 cups of baby spinach. I added a drizzle of Poppyseed Dressing and Balsamic and wilted the spinach for about 1 min in the microwave.

Then, into the bowl went one can of Chunk Light Tuna, 1/2 Cup or so of whipped cottage cheese, Dijon, Capers, Avocado, Sun Dried Tomatoes, parsley, lemon juice and salt and pepper.

Mix everything together and vola! Gourmet Tuna Salad in less than 5 min!

Tuna goes so well on Pumpernickel bread I believe.
Since my mom LOVES split pea soup and I LOVE my mom, I also heated a can of Amy's to go with our tuna sammies.

Tasty afternoon it was!

I am happy to say that I did end up finding a few things for Toly this afternoon. Now he will be one happy boy to have a present with his name on it under the tree. I swear I could buy this guy a pack of gum, so long as he gets to unwrap a present at Christmas, it doesn't matter what it is.
Well, I think I did a pretty good job considering my state at the present time. I'm praying that tomorrow is better; today was a little rough. I actually stopped taking my antibiotics because of some crazy side effects that I was having. Like I said, this little body doesn't do so well with drugs so it should be interesting to see how they will treat me for the infection. Seesh, will it ever end?
Okay, enough of this "Debbie Downer" attitude, I'm off to bed!

Always wishing you the best my friends! :)



  1. Looks like you and your mom had a great time : ) And I'm so glad to hear the cookies turned out so good ... yay for Mom!!

    Ha, I totally agree ... Sammy could be a GREAT mascot!!

    Hope your recovery continues to get better and better!!! : )

    (There's a lot of exclamation points in this comment, ha ... but i bet you don't mind ;)

  2. I'm so sorry you're still in some discomfort...I hope God will heal your body soon. But meanwhile, I love that you are still enjoying good food, and basking in lovely company. Times like these are precious! Enjoy it! :D

  3. Hoping you feel better tomorrow! Those cookies and the tuna salad look delish! I am totally opposite of you, I prefer baking and am so much better at it then cooking! Haha :) Sammy is too cute, I think he could easily have a job at Chipolte!

  4. Oh, forgot to ask! Where did you get those zebra stripe mixing bowls? LOVE THEM!!

  5. aww. I love baking with my mom! Such great memories being made right there!

    I hope you get to feeling better with your anitbiotics and what not. That's never fun to have to mess with!

    p.s. Your gourmet tuna salad is SCREAMING at me...in the very best way! ;) Oh and Sammy is a STUD!

  6. I love molasses AND pumpkin, so I think I'll have to give those guys a try!

  7. you are not a downer at all! mmm the cookies are SO good. haha, when i made them marshall did the criss crossing :) glad you were able to find a few things for your hubs! oh and sammy~totally mascot material!!! hope your wednesday is splendid love!

  8. SO sweet for your mama to come over and bake you cookies. They look fantastic and you two are just so cute! Love your puppers. Def agree- Chipotle? Where are you???? Glad you found a nice gift for Toly :) Hope today is much much better

  9. I hope today is a good day!!!

    The cookies look perfect, and how fun to bake and cook with your mom :)

  10. omg those cookies look to DIE for!!!! I'm seriously going to pick up some molasses the next time I'm at the store!

    Hope last night went better for you!!!!

  11. Awww, Sammy!! What a cutie pie! Glad you and your mom had a great baking session and that you completed your job :)

    Woohoo for finding a gift!! This year I feel the same way - it seems like I can't find something for ANYONE!

    PS. You're not a Debbie Downer!

  12. feel better my dear - i hope the cookies helped :)

    i LOVE the idea of wilting spinach to put in the tuna salad. that is genius! and very gourmet!

    take care, and rest, relax and hang in there!


  13. those oats look amazing & your dog is seriously adorable!!
    hope you keep getitng better & resting


  14. that is a great idea for tuna salad, I always just do the boring old mayo!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  15. Feel better...

    That tuna salad looks delish! The baking, too : ) I'm more for the "real" food though, I can only take so many sweets!

  16. Yay for mom's that bake cookies for their sick daughters!

    Boo for meds that make us feel bad.

    YAY for adorable Sammy pictures!

    YAY for yummy gourmet tuna salad!

    Keep resting dear girl.

    And let's get together sometime after the new year. I don't have a free weekend between now and then, if you believe it!

  17. I love pumpernickel bread! SOmetimes I have to go to Einstein's and get a pumpernickel bagel to satisfy myslef :) Glad you got to bake with your mom--I am dying to try those cookies, too. xoxo