Sunday, October 4, 2009

Solitary Sunday

If you think you're having a lazy Sunday.....

This little guy has you beat. Obviously, his week was pretty rough because this is how he spent most of his day.

Truthfully, I think he may be a little depressed and missing his dad like crazy. Sammy goes through withdrawal when one of us is absent from his life for a period of time, and since Toly has been working a gazillion hours a day, Sammy is distraught.
Hopefully, the overtime will be over this week and we can get back to normal.
Today wasn't an exception, however. Toly, again, went off to work early and I was left to yet another day by my lonesome.
To cheer myself up, I made a special Sunday breakfast of Pumpkin Pancakes.
Oh yes it has begun. The pumpkin obsession is in full force my friends. Expect to see most things pumpkin from now until Christmas! :) These pancakes really did make me feel better, I swear!
I tried to make mine look as beautiful as Kristin's, but I think we all know her Pumpkin Pancake Photo that was recently awarded for pure food exotica wins! Congrats girl!
After a solo Sunday breakfast, I proceeded to clean the entire house from top to bottom, from every nook to every cranny. After both of us being sick all week, this house was crawling with germs and needed to be highly disinfected.
Hours later, my hunger snuck up on me. I couldn't really decide what I wanted, but I knew I definitely wanted some of this...

Holy goodness of all Almond Butters. This stuff is freakishly amazing! Incredibly creamy and the touch of honey adds a brilliant sweetness. I am in love!

I thought to perfect accompaniment to this splendid butta would be a big juicy Honey Crisp. And I was right.

I didn't stop there, I continued to make a snack plate with veggies and hummus, trying to resemble one of the art creations that Gilding Calm has pattoned; however, again, mine wasn't quite as stunning, but it was good enough for me.

The rest of the apple was used to make a lovely little yogurt bowl. Chopped apple with cinnamon, heated for a min, topped with Vanilla Okios and granola is becoming a fall favorite of mine.

Speaking of granola, is anyone else having trouble finding Zoe's Granola? I have not been able to find this ANYWHERE anymore. They use to sell it in my local grocery store but for the past few months, it's been missing from the shelves. I'm obviously devastated because I don't think there is a granola I love more. :( Oh Zoe's where have you gone? Please come back to me!
After lunch, Sammy and I went for a 3 mile walk for Heart Disease. I signed up for the American Cancer Society Heart Walk through work. It was a perfect day for a long walk on my old college campus.
We came home and relaxed until dinner.

I used my leftovers from dinner on Friday night to put together a HUGE salad beauty.

You obviously can't see all the fantastic layers, so let me break it down for you.
Romaine, cabbage, yellow tomatoes, radish, cucumber, avocado, beets, feta, roasted mushrooms and asparagus, sliced green apple, and seared rare tuna.

Served in a huge bowl because when one has a beast of a salad, it makes tackling it a whole lot easier. Am I right?

Another lonesome night calls for some fro yo.

And guys, look at what I found!!!

Have I told you all how much I love this time of year? I couldn't get enough of this flavor last fall and was so sad to see it go. I've been waiting for months for this to hit the shelves once again. This was the last one on the shelf, so it wasn't much of a contemplation. I love you pumpkin! :)

Well, looks like I've filled my void from missing my hubby.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!



  1. awwwwwww sammy is so cute! Frank was sleepy today too :) Love hanging out with a sleepy puppers. Great breakfast and love your gliding calm like platter. I hope Toly gets some well deserved time off this week.

  2. Sammy is too freaking ADORABLE!! :)

  3. Seared tuna is one of my favorite foods EVER! That pumpkin ice cream is out of this world. I remember we had that at Thanksgiving 2 years ago and I went through that carton like there was no tomorrow!!! SO AMAAAZING!

  4. SAMMY!! Whenever my dad visits on his business trips Matilda gets ecstatic and then when he leaves she mopes around for a bit :(

    PUMPKIN GALORE! No complaints here ;) I love Edy's ice cream and I'm going to watch out for that flavor.

    Hm.. have you tried contacting the grocery store about it?? Or the people over at Zoe's Foods? That's really strange that they would just stop carrying it.

    p.s. your salad looks soooo fancy and awesome!

  5. hey lauren!
    i just came across your blog from katharina's side.
    your little sammy is so adorable. and he sure looks like he is missing the male part of the family.
    oh and pumpkin ice cream sure sounds like a true winner for this season.
    have a wonderful start to the week
    take care

  6. haha, that's such a cute yawning picture! : )

    i agree, my pumpkin eating is in full force too!

    and poor Toly, and you, and sammy! i hope his OT is over soon!

  7. That salad looks beyond phenomenal... !!! :) Yay for pumpkin ice cream, I'm gonna be on the lookout for this one!

  8. Too bad Sammy couldn't enjoy all the fabulous eats - I bet that would have perked him right up!!! I NEED that ice cream! :D Have a great afternoon!

  9. I know how you feel! My hubby worked ALL weekend too! Glad to know the pumpkin pancakes made you feel better--that and doughnute, eh? ;) P.S. I have that ice cream sitting in my freezer too. mmmmm!

  10. Ah pumpkin... obsession '09 has officially begun for me!

  11. Aw, Sammy! Hope he's not too depressed!!

    I'm loving all of the pumpkin BUT those roasted mushrooms look awesome! That's so great of you to do the 3 mile walk - what a great cause!

  12. sammy is my favorite! my dogs get the same way when they miss the boyf. too cute. mmmm i love pumpkin ice cream! that will fill any void!! sorry i have been mia from commenting lately, promise to be back soon <3 you!