Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Down But Not Out

Thanks for all of your warm ‘get-well’ wishes. I wish I could tell you all that I miraculously feel back to 100%, but I would be lying miserably. It seems that my 24 hour flu has developed into a full blown sinus infection, which is actually quite common for me. I’ve been doomed with the hereditary battles of sinus problems for most of my life, so I am no stranger to this feeling.

Fortunately, I know how to manage it, but if you’ve ever had a sinus infection, you know that it really just kicks you in the butt for about a week.

Oh well, each day gets a little better.

I was back at work today, but felt pretty awful. Thankfully, the week is rather uneventful which is nice because I don’t think I would have the energy to deal with anything more. Quite contrary to my laid back work week, Toly is having no such thing. He’s been working late, putting in hours of OT. Poor guy, but good thing he is feeling much better.

This morning, I was craving something autumn inspired for breakfast. Actually, this inspiration came from Andrea after seeing this concept on her page for the past few weeks. My Fruit/Yogurt bowl was a combination of a diced red pear, sprinkled with cinnamon and nuked for about a min so that it was soft. ½ Cup of Kashi Autumn Wheat, ½ cup of vanilla Chobani, 1 tbl flax, ¼ cup of pumpkin granola.

It was like having fall in a bowl.

So satisfying on a cool brisk morning.

Toly was working late again tonight, so it just gave me more time to put together a lovely meal to have ready for him when he got home.

On the menu: BBQ Chicken/Tofu Cobb Salads

One of us had the chicken ...

And the other had tofu...

I’ll bet you can guess who got what…

Usually, I make one big salad and we each pick out the toppings that we like, but since he would be eating his plate later than me, I decided to make them customized with our preferred ingredients. I also had a genius idea of making Corn bread Croutons by taking a few slices of the pumpkin corn bread I made, cutting them into cubes, sprinkling them with garlic salt and pepper, and baking them for about 10 min. Awesome addition!

Enjoyed with, what I believe, is the last of the sweet summer local corn and watermelon.

These things are just slowly loosing their highlight, but they still tasted good. My goal for this entire week is to get at least an extra hour of sleep. So that means, to bed early for me!


  1. feel better soon girly! I love homemade croutons they make a salad sometimes :)

  2. get well get well soon we want you to get welllll! (from seinfeld.. get it? i hope..)

  3. Oh goodness! I hope you all feel better soon. I'm not sure how you managed to make such a great looking meal while feeling under the weather. I give you two thumbs up - way up! Love the tofu/BBQ chicken cobb salads. So pretty and healthy! Feel better, hun!

  4. I'm glad you're feeling a wee bit better! Get plenty of rest :)

  5. OMG I love your rainbow meal! Goes well with my mantra: "Eat by color!"

  6. Cornbread croutons?! I wish you and I were friends in real life, and we could go over to each other's houses and prepare meals. I just can imagine myself loving everything you make, because I love everything you post!

    Still sending the get-well wishes! Have you tried emergen-c?


  7. FEEL BETTER! Question- do you still have your tonsils? I had the same kind of problems forever...about 2 1/2 years ago I got my tonsils out...haven't really been sick since (and I use to get sick probably 6-7 times a year). Great salads girl!

  8. Aww, I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. At least it's getting better, although much more slowly than you'd like :( I LOVE your fall-in-a-bowl breakfast. Take care and I'll send healing wishes your way!

  9. Erica- Yep, still have my tonsils. I never really had problems with sore throats or strep growing up. I have heard that removing these solve a world of health issues though. But I fear after my last expereine of "minor" surgery, I am scared to death of going under again! :(

    Thanks for your sweet wishes.

  10. Hi girl! I'm so sorry you're sick :( That is the worst. At least you have some appetite still...those salads look amazing! I think I could go with either the tofu or the chicken..I love all the color and how you arranged it on the plate.

  11. You are such a trooper! I have never had a sinus infection, but if it's anything like an ear infection...that freakin SUCKS. You're doing so well staying positive for us though and so glad you're not out!! I hope you get better soon!!!

    It appears as if the infection has had no effect on how beautiful and colorful your meals still are though!! Your salads make me miss eating salads, yet mine are so yucky!!