Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Little Piggy Went to Market

Why, hello there!
Aren't the weekends just fantastic?!? Considering this has been one hell of a week, I was quite relieved when 4:30pm hit yesterday and I could officially start my well needed and deserved weekend.
(**Quick update on the AC- it's working again, but it will only last for a few weeks. Turns out we are going to need a whole new unit. So basically, this little home repair is going to cost us around $3,000.00!!!!! Ah, what a major bummer!!! Guess that's just one of the drags that comes with owning a home)
We had plans with my parents last evening for dinner. When Toly and I graduated college, (eh nearly 2 years ago) my parents told us they wanted to take us to a great restaurant they love called Bonefish. I'm sure some of you are familiar with them, but we don't have any around us. The closest one is about an hour away. We have tried to plan a trip many times, but it never seemed to work out. Finally, we decided to just do it.
So off we went to Bonefish for a wonderful dinner. Toly and I adore seafood, so pretty much any well known seafood restaurant is a safe bet for us.
I started off with the house salad (romaine, tomatoes, pine nuts, olives and hearts of palm with a very tasty citrus vinaigrette)
And for my entree, I chose the Chilean Sea Bass with the Pan Asian sauce.

It was very good! The fish was served on a bed of sauteed spinach and the sauce was decadently sweet and savory. I think Sea Bass may be my favorite fish. Too bad it's also one of the most expensive....
I love this picture! Toly likes to prep before his photo shoots...
He's such a poser. ;)

We had a lovely evening of good food and good company. Thanks mom and dad!
This morning, my dad asked if I wanted to join him on some farmer's market shopping. Of course I didn't hesitate to say yes!
We headed to a local market in the city called The Broadstreet Market.

Can anything be more satisfying that rows of beautiful, fresh locally grown produce?

I think not!
I didn't come home empty handed for my beloved hubby. I get veggies, he gets does that work!?!? Haha, oddly enough, I'm probably more enthused about my veggies that the cookies. ;)
Naturally, when I got home, I wanted to eat every single vegetable that I bought. I compromised by using up what I already had and made a huge jass salad.
Oh and guess what?!?! I found it!! Finally, the sacred Kabocha.
I'm not sure what is more beautiful, the squash or the fresh picked flowers I bought?
Okay, this was for sure not going to wait. I've waited long enough to try this so I immediately began dissecting the squash and threw some chunks in the oven with a little salt, pepper, and smoked paprika.
And, I'm officially hooked on Kabocha. But who are we kidding, I knew this would happen.
Lunch was spectacular!

My huge jass salad had copious amounts of veggies (that I can't even remember to list) and a grilled veggie burger. Dressed in white bean hummus, balsamic and honey mustard drizzled over the burger.
Tonight we are going to our friends for a cookout. We haven't seen them in awhile, so it will be so nice to spend a beautiful night with them. I've got some Sangria chilling in the fridge that I can't wait fill my cup with.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
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  1. YAY for Farmer's Markets!! They are awesome!!

  2. OMG. I am so in love with your Dad's farmers market. Where the heck is that?? Love.

    Never been to bonefish grill but I hear it's good. Just a note, sea bass is so expensive b/c the population is nearly extinct. :(

    Thanks for the tip about the Weg's spicy hummus! I think their garlic flava is devine too. Happy Saturday!

  3. I hit enter too soon. That's my comment up there, lol.

  4. I think Farmer's Markets are simply beautiful. :)

    And I really need to get my hands on some kombocha!

  5. the kabocha! tha kabocha! The kabocha is more beautiful, hands down! OOOOH isn't it good?
    And I LOVE your farmer's market, it is awesome! They have more stuff than mine!
    oooh and guess what I received your package today! AAAAH!!! It is GREAT and thank you for you kind words on the card! thank you thank you~

  6. I definitely think the squash and the flowers together are most beautiful! ; )

  7. Mmmmm Sangria!! That was my "official" first drink when I turned 21...ahhh, memories. Glad you had a lovely farmers market day! All of your eats look delicious of course :)

  8. Congrats on the sacred Kabocha find!!!! :D It's soooo awesome! I think I'm going to try to hit up the Farmer's Market when my friend comes to visit. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Take care.


  9. gahh kabocha! i've seen it so much on blogs but still havent tried it yet. it looks super tasty!

    my central air broke this weekend too!!! not good for my hair arghh

  10. what a gorgeous market!!!

    to answer your question about how i store the leftover oikos...i just save the foil top and lay it back on top, secured with a rubber band. i wish they'd have a resealable container too!

  11. Look at all that fresh produce!! Love it! :D