Sunday, July 5, 2009

Picnic Fare and Pancake Flare

Our backyard BBQ last night was a little chilly but fun. Surprisingly, it got cloudy and breezy just around the time we lit the grill, but it didn't stop us from enjoying our 4th of July meal outside.
We made the perfect picnic fare. Grilled Organic Chicken Sausage (I am loving the TJ Sundried Tomato and Basil flavor), grilled corn on the cob, fantastic salad (Spinach, Grapefruit, Blueberries, Radish, Cabbage, Cucumber, Feta), and watermelon.
Dinner was wonderful....

After dinner, I totally crashed. I guess the day finally caught up with me because as soon as I laid down on the couch, I passed out for a few hours. Unfortunately, we didn't make the fireworks. I woke up with a headache and it was getting rather late. The fireworks didn't start until after the baseball game and when Toly checked at 9pm, it was only the 4th inning. There was no way I would make it past 10pm, so we decided to forgo and chose the more enticing option of sleep instead.

This is random, but I just love this pic of Sammy that Toly snapped last night. He is in a total daze. Daydreaming of ice cream probably.
It was such a beautiful morning and I woke feeling refreshed. Although, my gluts were a bit sore from all of the hiking yesterday, so I decided to do some much needed yoga/pilates and foam rolling. Felt incredible!
Breakfast was a delightful affair. I like to make a nice big breakfast on Sundays because its usually the only morning of the week that Toly and I spend with each other. We always enjoy our meal while reading the paper with coffee. (Sunday is also the only day when I actually make real coffee)
Today I made fresh blueberry pancakes with a sweet peach syrup. These cakes were especially good today. So light and fluffy and the peach syrup was the definite highlight. All I did was heat fresh peach slices with a little brown sugar. Viola!
On the side, Apple Chicken Sausages and fruit.

I also dolloped some vanilla greek yogurt on mine. So good on pancakes!

As good as this breakfast was, both Toly and I couldn't even finish. We were so stuffed but so satisfied.

Today is another relaxed Sunday. I spent some time in my garden in the morning and came out with this.....

That would be kale, arugula, a pepper, and 2 gigantic cucumber. I am so amazed at the outcome of my garden. There are so many things on the verge of ripe and I have a feeling I will be picking like crazy pretty soon. This brings me so much joy! :)

Sundays usually mean cleaning and grocery shopping. Today, I accomplished both and feel ready to take on the upcoming week.

Oh, look at what I just picked up at the store....

I see these all the time and have heard good things, but today they were on sale and I thought why not give one a try. This is the Green Goodness flavor (Kiwi, Apple, Spinach, Wheat Grass...etc) I think I shall take this big bottle to work. Even though it's not exactly a "green monster" it is very close and a great option for getting my monsters in every day. It's just too hard to make them and take them to work so this will be a great alternative. I of course, had to try a sip for taste testing and the verdict was pleasing. It was very tasty!

Have any of you ever tried these smoothies? They have a ton of other flavors, all which sound great!

Pizza is on the menu tonight. I may try and give the Grilled Pizza another try, but this time using a pre-made crust rather than fresh dough. The dough on the grill was way to much work and didn't turn out the way I thought last time.

Have a wonderful end to your weekend everyone!


  1. Those pancakes look so fluffy and luscious! YUM!

    I have not tried any of those smoothies--but I do see them everywhere. Let us know how it is!

  2. That picture of Sammy made me smile :) Especially imagining him daydreaming about ice cream! So cute.

    Everything sounds so delicious! What a lovely breakfast. I feel like you put so much love and care in what you prepare. Hooray for your garden! It's such a wonderful feeling to know that this is what comes from taking care of a little plot of this earth. Have you ever had kale chips?

  3. Oh! I almost forgot.. let's see. I've liked all their smoothie flavors I've tried and their Hazelnut latte is yummy too :)

  4. I love grilled corn! It's so yummy. Your breakfast looks delicious, too! Fluffy pancakes are amazing.

    I've never had those smoothies, but they look good!