Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cookout With The Fam

I just love a good cookout. Nothing screams summer more than the tastes, smells and feels of fab BBQ.

Tonight, I was invited to a low-key cookout at my parent's house with my sister and brother in law. (Toly was out with friends, so I went hubby-less)

I arrived a little early to enjoy a glass of vino with my mama. I brought her favorite, Peach Chardonnay. We sat outside, talked, and enjoyed the views of my dad's increible garden. Seriously, this man is a garden guru. It puts mine to shame, but I do get to reap the bounty whenever the harvest arrives!
My dad got to work on the grillin'. He made incredible burgers-100% beef and turkey/spinach with goat cheese.
I had about 1/2 of a turkey (these things were mammoth, as most of the things he makes tends to be) on a slice of grilled tuscan bread, lots of pickels, a mater, and hummus.
We also had grilled squash, snap peas and some TJ Eggplant cutlets (after I convinced him to get these babies!) And yes, I discovered that the eggplant cutlets pair wonderfully with ketcup-like most things in life do!

I was on dessert. I brought an Angel Food cake and cool whip and my mom sliced up some strawberries. But, to rev up this ordinary delight, I ofcourse found some finishing touches around their house. Blueberries, Chocolate chips, Ginger snaps and chocolate syrup.
Okay now that is a BBQ dessert!

Now I am home and Toly just arrived so I am off to spend the rest of this Saturday night with my man.
Hope you all had a wonderful wonderful day!

Oh Yeah, almost forgot about Sammy. He joined the fun too and wanted to spend the night with grandma and grandpa. Goodness, he is sooooo spoiled there, the pup is in heavan when we visit.


  1. beautiful garden! Wish I had a green thumb . . . I have to stick to the faux flowers.

  2. I love good old family cookouts :) Mine is happening tomorrow on Memorial Day. I'm so excited!

    The garden does look great!