Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today is my Friday

Today is my Friday so needless to say, I was very anxious to get through work. I have been looking forward to a day off for quite some time, and the idea of having no pressing plans or appointments has me elated. Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday and I have instituted a “me” day which will include a schedule of the following “me” events.

-A FABULOUS bowl of oats
-An 8 mile run (reaching my new PR)
- Lunch at my favorite lunch spot, Café Magnolia with Toly and my parents
- Manicure
- Shopping
- Nap???
- Dinner B-day Party at The Melting Pot with a bunch of our friends

Holy cow this is going to be one good day! :) I am going to try very hard to refrain from any housework or cleaning, but it’s very difficult for me to sit still when I am at home with nothing to do. I am constantly feeling the need to wash, mop, scrub, or organize something. Oh well, hopefully I will listen to my own advice and just nap instead!

Today was a beautiful spring day. We headed to the gym after work for a quick lifting session and then took Sammy for a walk before dinner. Dinner tonight was quick, easy and delicious! I pulled out some leftover turkey burgers from the other week that I had frozen. (I always make double when I make burgers in order to freeze a batch for later) These were the Pumpkin Pear Turkey Burgers that I made a few weeks ago. Still so good!

I also made a great salad that went perfect with the burgers…Pear Walnut and Dried Cherries with a little feta.

And for a little something sweet, we had some juicy watermelon on the side. I was surprised how sweet this melon was. I usually don’t think of eating watermelon until summer; however, I saw these baby melons on sale this past weekend and got the hankering. I’ve also think I’ve uncovered a fool-proof method of ripening fruit so that it’s just the right amount of sweetness. When I buy a pineapple or melon, I place it in a cool, dark closet for a few days before I cut it up. This really allows the fruit to ripen and reach its peak

I leave you all with the greatest quote I came across today. "Water divides the people of the world, wine brings them together."

Hope you all have a wonderful Good Friday!

Toly's Burger with fries

Sliced Pears, a little pumpkin butter and dijon mixed, spinach and a smear of goat cheese makes this one delightful burger.


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