Monday, April 6, 2009

The Bigger the Better....Salad That Is

This is going to be one busy week, but thankfully the end will be so satisfying that it gives me something to look forward to and get through it all. My birthday is on Friday and I’ve made the executive and worthy decision to take the day off. I am beyond thrilled to have a “ME” day which will probably include a long run, a little spring cleaning, lunch with the hubby, a manicure, maybe a little shopping and then the most wonderful birthday dinner party at the Melting Pot. Holy cow, I can not WAIT for Friday.

But now I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s get through one day at a time, shall we? Today was very productive at work which made the hours go by quickly. I came home and tried a new Jillian Michael’s workout, “Quick Trouble Zones.” This is a nice workout- it’s a lot of weights and strength training so I was definitely feeling it as soon as I got into it. I still really like the Shred the best, but this one is very similar to the Shred only a little less intense and a bit longer.

I managed to do a great speed-work run this morning and got in 5 miles in 44 minutes! I’ve said this before, but I really love running in the morning and I just read an article that the very best time to run is in the morning. Your body tends to be at its best performing ability in the am and coming from experience (recently changed my runs from after work to before) I can tell you this is true for me! On the same note as running, I also hit a new PR this weekend with 8 miles!!!! I am getting so much closer to being fully trained for my ½ marathon and I know that by September, I will kick 13 mile’s butt!

Okay now on to dinner. I was going to make this last week, but had one of those random cravings for sushi instead, so I put this in the recipe bank for another time. Tonight, I pulled it out…Buffalo Tofu Salad. I love spicy and I love salads so this meal would not disappoint me. It definitely did NOT disappoint! This salad rocked my world. It amazes me how many ingredigents I can incorporate into a salad (which is why salads are one of my favorite things on earth) so the list is lengthy but so worth it.

Buffalo Tofu Salad

For the Tofu

I cut the tofu into ½ in slices and sprinkled with salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, and garlic powder. Then I pan seared them on each side for about 3-4 min. I then mixed some hot sauce with a touch of honey and poured this over the tofu and placed the whole skillet in the oven to finish baking. (***Same technique was used for Toly’s Chicken)

The Salad was a HUGE combination of….

Leftover grilled sweet potatoes
Shredded carrots
Yellow Squash
Purple cabbage
Hot peppers

I mixed all of the veggies in a little balsamic and honey mustard and then topped it with the tofu. I also dolloped on some yogurt sauce to cool things down a bit. I truly don’t think it’s possible to have too many things in a salad.

Okay, now that today is down, only 3 more to go until my weekend can begin!!! Until tomorrow….

My Buffalo Tofu salad

Toly's Buffalo Chicken salad


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