Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Another eventful weekend took place. We had a great time getting together with friends and also spending some time around the house.
Saturday started off with a fantastic bowl of pumpkin oats. I love making oatmeal on Saturdays because one, I have more time to put this wonderful creations together, and two, they keep me fueled and going for hours.
My bowl consisted of mixture of oats, pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla, mashed banana and dried cherries. The toppings included blackberries, pumpkin butter, a little piece of crumbled pumpkin bread and a splash of vanilla soy. Perfect!

After breakfast, I managed to do some good hearty cleaning. I like to give the kitchen a very thorough scrubbing every now and then, so since I had some time to kill before my zumba class, I figured I would get down and dirty.
Later in the morning, I headed to zumba to start the new 6 week session. It was great. We did a lot of the same routines with a few new moves. I realized how much I missed it once I started up again.
I came home, showered, made lunch, and then headed out with Toly to run a few errands. We were meeting our friends Jill and Chris and their 2 year old son, Kellen for dinner, but decided that since the restaurant was in Hershey, we would hit up Chocolate World before hand. We live less than a 1/2 hour from Hershey Park, and realized that we haven't been to Chocolate World in years. It was fun reliving the memories, although, I must admit, it has changed since I last remembered. A little disappointing, but maybe I just enjoyed it more from younger eyes.
One thing that never changes and is basically worth the entire 10 minute ride is the free chocolate you get at the end! Score!

(Enjoying the Chocolate Roller Coaster as Kellen called it)

(Check out all the chocolate)

(Toly holding the world's biggest Chocolate Bar. Can you believe this thing cost $40!)
After Chocolate World, we headed to Houllihan's for a great dinner. We actually had VIP service because Jill and I work with a guy who is a "platinum member" at the restaurant and he scored us a table without any wait and bought the table the dessert sampler. It was fantastic!

Today was spent getting things done and ready for the week ahead. After a 7 mile run in the morning, I grocery shopped for the week, prepped meals for the week, did laundry, cleaned, and made dinner.
Dinner tonight has been the highlight of Toly's week. He told me awhile ago that he had been craving a T-Bone on the grill and ever since, has not stopped talking about it. He doesn't often give his input for dinner ideas, so when he does, I know he must really want it. I picked him up a nice T-Bone at the store and a lovely Tuna steak for myself.
He fired up the grill (which hasn't been used in months) and was in his glory. I decided to go a different route with my tuna and made an olive, caper, Dijon crust (inspired from Kath's post a few days ago when she made the same topping for salmon) The tuna came out superb! Nice, meaty, and rare (just the way I like it) which balanced out the salty/savory crust on top.
Toly requested mashed potatoes to go along with his steak and I roasted some brussel sprouts and carrots in a honey balsamic glaze along with a simple salad of tomatoes, asparagus, basil and balsamic.
It was a nice comforting dinner. We both got to enjoy our steaks and were fully content.

Definitely time for bed soon. Today was a very long day and I am beat! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and can't wait to hear about them.

PS- I will continue with the Toly facts tomorrow. Way too tired now. :)


  1. Ha, that is a HUGE chocolate bar!! :s

    Cute picture of you guys!! : )

  2. I'm just about to make a bowl of pumpkin oats this morning - yours looks beautiful and yummy!

    I grew up in PA, about 1 1/2 hours from Hershey Park. I haven't thought about that place for a while, & your photos brought back fond memories (love the huge chocolate bar!).