Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fever

Spring is in the air! We had our first “real” taste of spring today with sunny skies and temperatures reaching near 70*! It was incredible.
I decided to take advantage of this magnificent weather and ran a nice 4 miles after work. So refreshing!

Wednesday is our typical BFD, but considering the splendor of the conditions, we opted for a different approach…the glory of our wonderful Webber grill. Oh how we missed it! One of our favorite things to do in the spring and summer is grill outside and then eat dinner on the patio and tonight we could NOT pass up this opportunity.

Toly has declared that he would like to take charge of all of the grilling so I gave him the job of cooking the sausages. I bought a new kind of Organic Chicken Sausage a few weeks ago and love them! They are Sundried Tomato and Basil flavor and taste amazing. While Toly got to work on the meat, I prepared all of the fixings…my favorite onion and pepper relish. I sauté red onions with some bell peppers in a pan with a little EVOO. Once they are browned and soft, I add a shot of balsamic and a little brown sugar and let this reduce. I then throw in some spinach and let it wilt in with the onions. MMMM so good!
I also made Kale Chips and a simple tomato/cucumber salad to go with them.

A perfect summer meal which we fully enjoyed in luxury of our backyard.

(Life is grand)

(Close up of my plate)

(Close up of his plate)

(Sammy thinking he's too good for the camera)

(Trying his first expereice with Kale Chips, this was too funny to watch!)

And before I forget (because I forgot yesterday) here is the next

Engaging Fact On Toly…..

~*~* Toly was always a bit of a “playboy” in high school. Not to confuse this with a “player” by any means, he just always seemed to have the attention and interest of so many girls. (He was one of those guys who always seemed to be dating someone). So, when Toly and I developed a good friendship in high school, we both were hesitant to express our feelings about one another right away. It took about a year until we actually confessed to each other that we had more than just those friendship feelings. Now I am going to reveal to the world the TRUTH of how it all happened. Mind you, he will tell you something different, but he is obviously fabricating the accuracy of the event.

Throughout most of our junior year of high school, Toly and I were just good friends. We hung out, we talked, we had classes together. Behind this proclaimed “friendship” there was always something more, but neither of us ever admitted it. Well, one night, towards the end of our junior year, I had just gotten home from an AWFUL date with a real loser. I was really upset about the whole thing and called Toly right away. He decided that he was going to come over to consol with me since I was obviously upset. So as we were sitting on my front lawn on that Friday night, he reached out and gave me a great embracing hug and then a soft kiss of the cheek. He then brushed my hair out of my face, looked into my eyes, and gave me the best kiss of my life. The rest is pretty much history.
We’ve been together ever since. Never once have we broken up or taken a break. It’s so true when they say “you will just know when you find your soul mate.” That night, I knew. Sure, we’ve shared our moments of fights and disagreements (and still do), but never once have I ever doubted certainty of our relationship. We work perfect together and are so content knowing that we will be perfectly working together for the rest of our lives!

(Here is a picture of us on our 6 month Anniversary. Ah, we were so young!)

Hope you all had a cheerful Wednesday!

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  1. So much I could comment on in this post ... it was lovely!! : )

    First ... I agree, the first real "Spring" day is SOO wonderful!!

    Second ... my husband and I were just talking about how excited we are to grill and eat outside!!

    Third ... DELICIOUS looking dinner and haha, my dogs would eat kale chips only because they would be jealous of the other one getting it and gobble it up before they even knew what it was

    And fourth ... what a wonderful story about you and Toly!! : ) I love stories like that!