Saturday, March 28, 2009

Man in the Kitchen and a Night to Celebrate

I can not believe I am about to say this, but this weekend marks the one year anniversary of me and Toly becoming homeowners! We bought our first home together one year ago and I am blown away at how quickly this year has passed.

To commence this landmark, Toly decided that he wanted to do something special and make a glorious dinner. Ever since his remarkable V-Day engagement, he (okay maybe I encouraged the idea a tad) that once a month, he was going to take over in the kitchen and cook/clean/shop...etc. I am not to lift a finger and I LOVE it! Not only is he a wonderful cook (when he gets inspired), he also treats me to some of the most incredible dishes (things I would NEVER buy in our weekly menus because of how pricey and indulgent they are).

Tonight he delivered one of the best fish I have ever eaten. Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass. Wow, this fish is AMAZING! Truly, it's like a little bite of heaven with it's buttery sweet texture. And for over $20 a pound, I can honestly say, it's so worth it! Definitely not something we would buy frequently, but tonight was a special occasion and we wanted to treat ourselves and celebrate.

Along with this heavenly fish, he made roasted butternut squash and asparagus. We also toasted a few times with a crisp and fresh tasting Riesling.

This was such a decadent meal and I am so lucky to have a husband that treats me the way mine does. Over the past year, we have built our home and family and I have every last reason to be entirely thankful for the incredible blessings that have been granted to me. I look forward to all of the lasting memories we will make in our home over the next couple of years.

(Not something you see everyday, my husband in the kitchen)

(The table scape)

(My plate of goodness)

(About to take the first bite)

(Savoring every second!)

(The best hubby in the whole world!)

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